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Mikogo 5.4 (Beta Release) – New Video Conferencing Feature

Live Video ConferencingWe are pleased to announce the release of the new Mikogo Video Conferencing feature!

Thank you for taking the time to beta test this new release – your feedback will directly influence our development work, and will help us greatly in providing the best online meeting software.

Important: this beta release is currently available on Windows only. We are working on making this available for Mac users soon!

Using the New Video Conference Feature

You must first start a screen sharing meeting with the new software and then you can initiate the video conference component. Please take the time to read the following user guide before trying to start or join a Mikogo video conference:

Download the Mikogo 5.4 Beta

Click the button below to download the starter software to your Windows computer:


Open your Downloads folder (CTRL+J) and double-click the downloaded file to run the software. This will install Mikogo Beta 5.4 on your computer.

Installing Mikogo Beta 5.4 will not overwrite your current version of Mikogo on your computer. You will still be able to use your existing Mikogo software alongside the new Beta version.

The Mikogo panel will then appear on your screen. For full details on how to start screen sharing and a video conference with Mikogo Version 5.4, please refer to the user guide.

Submit Your Feedback

After you have tested the new software, please send us your feedback to

Any comments, suggestions or thoughts concerning your experience are very welcome and will help us improve the software further.