Mikogo Ranked as Best Online Meeting Tool in Cloudsider.com Review

Cloudsider Mikogo Review

The inde­pen­dent online portal, Cloudsider, recently evaluated and reviewed the top 10 online meeting services… and awarded Mikogo as the winner! Our soft­ware solu­tion received an impres­sive 92/100 points overall and was tested on several key areas inclu­ding feature set, secu­rity and customer service. We are of course very pleased to be ranked #1 and thank Cloudsider for taking the time to conduct such a compre­hen­sive and detailed review.

The Mikogo Review

Cloudsider is an online plat­form which provides reviews and price compa­ri­sons for cloud services, online hard drives and online storage services. One cate­gory on their website is “Online Meeting Tools”. Cloudsider reviewed 10 services in this cate­gory, inclu­ding WebEx, GoTo­Mee­ting, Team­Viewer and Skype, with Mikogo coming out as the clear favorite.

Each online meeting solu­tion tested by Cloudsider was evaluated on several areas:

  • Product and Costs (Mikogo scored 90 out of a possible 100 points)
  • Setup and Opera­tion (Mikogo: 87/100)
  • Func­tion­a­lity (Mikogo: 95/100)
  • Acces­si­bi­lity (Mikogo: 97/100)
  • Secu­rity (Mikogo: 94/100)
  • Customer Service (Mikogo: 90/100)

Cloudsider commented on Mikogo as a:
“compre­hen­sive tool required for online meetings. The soft­ware has a clear and modern design so you can find your way quickly. With a reasonable price struc­ture, indi­vi­duals, small and large compa­nies can find the appro­priate pricing required. As a Germany company Mikogo is very focused on secu­rity stan­dards. The data is always protected with the highest 256- bit AES encryp­tion and trans­ferred via German servers.”

Unknown to us at the time, Cloudsider even sent an anony­mous email to our Support with several ques­tions on various topics to test our response and customer service. Cloudsider was pleased to receive compre­hen­sive answers to each of their test questions.

The Mikogo setup and feature set were tested in full and one feature which is not present in the soft­ware was noted: Outlook Inte­gra­tion. However we are happy to inform you that this is some­thing we plan to improve on in a release next year.

To read the full Cloudsider.com review of Mikogo on their website. However the original review is in German so here is the English version of the review trans­lated using Google Trans­late: Mikogo review in English.

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