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Dressing for online meetings
Businesses spend a fortune creating products, meeting industry standards and procuring leads. Imagine spending hours preparing for an important online demo – the one deal that could take your business to the next level – just to come off as unprofessional due to your attire. Yes, that happens all the time, as you will see from the research below.

According to the 2015 After College Annual Survey, millennials sought out employers who would provide the ability to work remotely (68%), and follow a casual dress code (62%). However, researchers have found that dress code has an impact on our attitudes and work ethic, which means that millennials may have to reconsider their attire, at least during office hours. In this post, we’re going to explore some of the research and help you see how business attire can enhance your professionalism during online presentations, and to make better choices on what to wear while preparing for an online meeting, whether you are at home, at the office, or elsewhere. (more…)

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Worker on hammock at beach
Remote working is fast becoming the norm, rather than the exception, thanks to the fact that it offers many benefits for employers and workers alike. The 2015 AfterCollege Career Insight Survey found that 68% of job seekers, who happened to be millennials, would prefer the option to work remotely. Today’s young workforce are more interested in companies that offer flexible, professional work environments. And it’s only good news for employers too: remote workers are 35-40% more productive, while 6 out of 10 employers experience cost savings as a result of telecommuting. But how does a manager build relationships with individuals when the team is scattered across the world, and how does he or she encourage cohesion and create a team culture? (more…)

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With major corporations such as Hewlett-Packard and Symantec switching to online meetings to increase attendance numbers, amongst other benefits, it is time for businesses of all sizes to embrace technology and take presentations online. However, some first-time online presenters may be concerned about the challenges of presenting online. On the other hand, experts who host dozens of online presentations every year will tell you that the key to success is the same when presenting in person – it’s all about knowing how to engage your audience. In this post, we share some insights from some of the most renowned marketing authorities, who have kindly taken the time to tell us how they make online presentations more engaging. (more…)

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Online Meeting MisconceptionsIf you’ve ever thought about hosting an online meeting, but decided against it for whatever reason then this post is for you. There are a lot of misconceptions about online meetings. Whether you’ve thought about hosting one or dreaded the thought of being invited for one, we here at Mikogo want you to know that online meetings aren’t as bad as these 7 common misconceptions might make you think! (more…)

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Online Mortgage LendingIn a world where networking is highly valued by individuals in many different industries, there is a curious upsurge in the use of Internet tools in the mortgage industry. While opinion is divided, statistics speak for themselves, showing that screen sharing and other online tools are becoming popular means, which mortgage brokers can leverage to improve their offering to clients and thereby increase turnovers. (more…)

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