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Collaboration Culture
In this day and age, there’s not a single person who’d dare defy the idea that collaboration leads to better, more innovative business. After all, Forbes and Entrepreneur have been publishing pieces on it for years, and everyone – at some point – has witnessed an executive touting how “the next three months will all be about collaboration.”

Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Despite the coverage and repeat promises, more than half of businesses remain dramatically siloed and 86% of all failures in business are still attributable to a lack of collaboration. And that’s a real problem. (more…)

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Keeping a sales team motivated, cohesive and goal oriented is an arduous task. One wrong statement is all that it takes to kill your team’s motivation.

A rule of thumb that I have always lived by – treat the team right and the team will, in return, treat the customer right.

If you’re managing a sales team, there’s a few things that you can never afford to say to any of your reps. (more…)

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Online Training Strategies
Whether you are teaching somebody how to fill out a form, delegating tasks to a team member or just explaining something to your colleagues, online training can have a crucial impact on daily communication. Since part of the communication we have with our remote colleagues is during training, if you master the online training sessions, your team will have a better perception of you, and you will have less need to repeat your instructions. Here are some practical tips to help you improve the impact of your online training sessions. (more…)

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Life in the Cloud
The Cloud. This phrase, which once only meant the big, puffy things you see in the air, has transformed into a technological catch-all that epitomizes our current culture of interconnectivity. We hear about it everywhere: cloud streaming services has infiltrated our phones, offices, and thanks to the miracle of Netflix, in our homes. Its influence has completely revolutionized the way we work and play, but does anyone really know what the cloud does? Is it like a real cloud? We really don’t float data through the air, do we? (more…)

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