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Video Reel
As of recently, the Mikogo recording feature enables you to create a combined recording of both the screen sharing and VoIP audio together. We have now released a new “session converter” for your Mikogo recordings. The session converter allows you to export and save a Mikogo recording, including both screen sharing and audio, into .webm or .mkv format. This will facilitate online distribution, video editing, and playback for your participants. (more…)

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Email Productivity
“Email productivity” – to some this may sound like an oxymoron or an office myth. People often complain about messages that have been “swallowed up” by their inboxes, and instead of using built-in email productivity features to find said message, they ask the sender to resend it, further adding to the landfill of unproductive time wastage. Where did this problem originate from? Can email still be used as a productive tool in today’s modern business landscape, and if so what can we do to improve email productivity? (more…)

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Web Conference Functions
A recent study on Software Advice revealed that small businesses are increasingly relying on desktop software and Web apps for their conferencing needs, rather than on conference bridges and other traditional methods and hardware that were popular pre-2000. As a user of online meeting software, this may come as no great surprise to you. However, of greater interest, the study also revealed the top benefits for using Web-based solutions, the most popular use cases for Web conferencing software, and the importance of different features and functionalities to small businesses. (more…)

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Wasted Work TimeDespite the constant ‘busyness’ that dominates life today, statistics show that we’re actually wasting more time than ever on trivial work activities. The computer was initially created to save time by automating tasks and doing things faster and better. However, as new apps and software solutions become available, the fear is that more employees will spend time on frivolous activities rather than work. (more…)

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