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About Us

About Us


The idea of Mikogo was born out of a real-life need for a solution that would significantly decrease travel time and costs while increasing productivity for businesses.


If meetings are a part of your work, then you need Mikogo.

Mikogo is an innovative and easy-to-use yet powerful online meeting software solution for companies to host web conferences, online presentations and remote support sessions. Today, thousands of companies use Mikogo every day for reliable and intuitive online meetings.


The origins of Mikogo can be traced back to 2003 when Erik Boos and Mark Zondler, our founders, were traveling regularly for meetings across Germany. Unfortunately at times, traveling to a one-hour meeting involved a seven-hour return trip! Things needed to change. Immediately.

They wasted no more time. They converted their apartments into make-shift offices and their lives became a mix of market research, coffee and late nights. A hard road to success – but at least they didn’t have to travel far for their daily meetings together!

Mikogo (which is a Swahili word meaning “to show/display”) was first launched as a freeware desktop sharing solution giving everyone access to online meetings for free. Suddenly tens-of-thousands of businesses were turning to the Mikogo technology. In order to meet the high demand from the business world, we repositioned Mikogo as a freemium product by adding premium award-winning capabilities for companies, while still offering a free solution.

What started out as two friends with an idea to simplify their own lives, has turned into a successful company servicing over 3,000 corporate customers worldwide plus a free user base of over 1 million people.


“We believe in making online meetings as easy as possible”

We set out to provide the most intuitive and simple yet powerful online meeting solution. Today Mikogo delivers an innovative solution that is changing the way businesses meet online. We focus our efforts on creating an elegant piece of software that leaves first time users saying, “I never knew it could be this easy”. And by adding the freemium component, we achieved the goal of providing a free desktop sharing solution to everyone.


What makes us different is that we don’t just preach our product capabilities – we stand by them. We use Mikogo on a daily basis to get our own work done and this is demonstrated by our geographically dispersed team: Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, Canada,… – could you be next? Join our Team.


Mikogo has made online meetings as easy and accessible as possible. As technology rapidly changes and improves, we will continue to create value for our customers by developing new and innovative collaboration capabilities to provide even easier and greater forms of online meetings.


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