5 Hot Tips for Successful Online Meetings

You’ve got the Mikogo soft­ware down pat. You’ve attended one of our webi­nars. You’ve prac­ticed using the soft­ware with your colleagues. You know all the ins and outs of the soft­ware. But are you really ready for an online meeting?
In the whirl­wind of plan­ning and execu­ting a successful online meeting with Mikogo, one might forget a few things that could help polish their presen­ta­tion. If you’ve ever wondered what you can do to make your online meeting or desktop sharing session a success, why not try some of these tips that will take your work to another level entirely!

Tip 1 — Be Prepared

Know what you’re going to say and the content you’re going to present. Don’t just go in there and free­wheel it. Know what you plan on discus­sing and then prac­tice it (but not so much that you sound like a robot). Prac­tice it until you sound like Meryl Streep deli­vering any line in any film ever.

Tip 2 — Spell Check!

One of the worst things you can do when giving a presen­ta­tion is come in with a Power­Point file where ever­ything is miss­pelled. You may think it is no big deal, but it reflects poorly on you if you make basic spel­ling and grammar mistakes.

Tip 3 — Don’t ignore your client!

A preli­mi­nary online presen­ta­tion can be like a first date. What if you showed up to a first date, talked the whole night and then left without letting the other person say anything? Don’t assume that what you’re saying or showing is self-explana­tory. Ask if they’ve got ques­tions because it will increase enga­ge­ment with your clients, it’s polite and will build rapport. Interact through your presen­ta­tions so that you can make a lasting impression.

Tip 4 — Don’t be a diva, but don’t be a pushover either

Have a desi­gnated time for ques­tions and answers. Have a pretty good idea of how ever­ything is going to go. Be orga­nized and prepared but don’t refuse to be flexible if you acci­dent­ally go over your allotted time or if they ask a ques­tion which you have already covered. Be patient with your client and be under­stan­ding to their needs.

Tip 5 — Look Fresh

Ok, it might seem strange to focus on your looks and deme­anor during an online meeting, however, studies have shown that feeling that you look sharp or well dressed can give you a confi­dence boost. A confi­dence boost may be just what you need to be able to hold your own and give a great presen­ta­tion. While the content should speak for itself, knowing that you look and feel good can be just the thing to tip the confi­dence scales.

Discus­sion: So we’ve got our tips. What about you? Do you wear a lucky tie? Have a lucky lips­tick? Do a pre-meeting ritual? We want to hear about it! Fill us in on what you do to make your online meetings more produc­tive and more successful.

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