Mikogo ultimate inside sales tool


Screen sharing helps sales professionals through every step of the sales cycle, from initial qualification and product demonstrations to closing.

They say “Seeing is believing”. Adding screen sharing to a telephone conversation gives you a way to visually explain information-rich products and services, leading to better understanding and faster decision making. Screen sharing also helps you reduce non-productive driving time.

The net result: shorter sales cycles and higher closing rates. It’s no wonder screen sharing tools are found in virtually every top performer’s toolkit.

But what makes Mikogo your ultimate inside sales tool?

Say no to downloads.

With Mikogo’s Join via browser feature, your participants connect without downloading and installing software, saving you time and letting you get right to your sales presentation.

Stay on Point.

With a simple mouse-click, the Pointer Tool lets participants virtually ‘point’ anywhere on the presenter’s screen to make comments, ask questions, or give feedback.
The best part – the pointer tool works via browser – no downloads, no installations.

Your attention, please.

The Annotation Tool lets you highlight your presentation with the click of a button, so you can explain things and keep your participants focused. Annotations automatically fade away, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

Show what you want. Hide the rest.

The Application Selection tool gives you full control over which application windows are shown to participants, so you can be sure your presentation is the center of your client’s attention.

Your sales tool. Your website.

With a Mikogo join session widget, your prospects and clients join Mikogo sessions from your website for a more professional sales demo experience.

Interested in learning how Mikogo can benefit your sales team? We’d love to hear from you at sales@mikogo.com