Mikogo with Video


Online meetings, presentations, and consultations have been saving Mikogo customers time and money for years now. Instead of having to travel for every single appointment with colleagues or customers, you can simply use Mikogo to host sessions from the comfort of your own desk.

There might be situations though in which you miss the personal touch, so you end up travelling again to meet your clients face to face. That won’t be necessary in the future.

We’re very pleased to introduce the new Mikogo video feature!

We always aim to make your life as easy as possible in regards to online meetings and presentations. That’s why our developers have been coding at full speed for the past couple of months to bring video conferencing to Mikogo. You can now add video to your screen-sharing sessions – on Windows and on Mac OS X!

The video conferencing feature is now available with the latest version of Mikogo as an open beta. A summary of the most important points is below.

How can I test the video feature?

Simply download the current version of Mikogo from the Download page. This software version automatically includes the video feature. As soon as you’ve started a Mikogo session, you will see the new icon in the menu.

How does the video feature work?

We have created this quick guide so that you can get started with your first video conference right now.


Who can access the video feature?

The video feature is one of our premium features. This means that it is available to customers subscribed to the Professional or Enterprise version – automatically and at no additional cost. New users can test the video feature during the free 14 day trial of the premium version.

You will need to be subscribed to at least a Professional plan in order to use the video feature. Customers who are using a Basic plan are very welcome to contact our sales team to request a license upgrade to a Professional plan.

We do want to give all Mikogo users the opportunity to test the video feature, so we’ll make video conferencing available to everyone – including users whose free trial has expired – for four weeks for the start of our open beta. After this time, access to the video feature will be revoked automatically.

What do I need to know about the video feature?

At this point, the video conference is open to a maximum of four participants at any given time. The Mikogo session can of course hold more participants than that (according to your license), but only the first four who join the video conference will be able to transmit their video stream and view the other three.

In order to use the video feature, you will of course need to have access to a webcam. If a participant hasn’t got a webcam connected to their computer, they can still join the video conference during a Mikogo session and view the other participants’ video streams.

The video feature is only available to participants who join the Mikogo session using the connection program (for example via go.mikogo.com). The video conference cannot be accessed via the HTML Viewer. Participants who join via the HTML Viewer can still view your regular screen transmission, but they won’t be able to join the video conference.

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