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Email Productivity
“Email productivity” – to some this may sound like an oxymoron or an office myth. People often complain about messages that have been “swallowed up” by their inboxes, and instead of using built-in email productivity features to find said message, they ask the sender to resend it, further adding to the landfill of unproductive time wastage. Where did this problem originate from? Can email still be used as a productive tool in today’s modern business landscape, and if so what can we do to improve email productivity? (more…)

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Life in the Cloud
The Cloud. This phrase, which once only meant the big, puffy things you see in the air, has transformed into a technological catch-all that epitomizes our current culture of interconnectivity. We hear about it everywhere: cloud streaming services has infiltrated our phones, offices, and thanks to the miracle of Netflix, in our homes. Its influence has completely revolutionized the way we work and play, but does anyone really know what the cloud does? Is it like a real cloud? We really don’t float data through the air, do we? (more…)

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Ancient Greece
In this mini-series, we look at some historic events where screen sharing might have made a difference. And even though this is, of course, a bit of a playful thought experiment, we can always learn from history – even if it happened thousands of years ago. In viewing those events through a modern lens and wondering how screen sharing might have changed their outcome, we also find some lessons that can apply to the modern-day workplace. While the previous entry was all about war, military strategies and keeping your confidential information safe, today’s post is about the exact opposite: Invention, collaboration and the sharing of ideas. (more…)

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Web Conference Functions
A recent study on Software Advice revealed that small businesses are increasingly relying on desktop software and Web apps for their conferencing needs, rather than on conference bridges and other traditional methods and hardware that were popular pre-2000. As a user of online meeting software, this may come as no great surprise to you. However, of greater interest, the study also revealed the top benefits for using Web-based solutions, the most popular use cases for Web conferencing software, and the importance of different features and functionalities to small businesses. (more…)

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