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With major corporations such as Hewlett-Packard and Symantec switching to online meetings to increase attendance numbers, amongst other benefits, it is time for businesses of all sizes to embrace technology and take presentations online. However, some first-time online presenters may be concerned about the challenges of presenting online. On the other hand, experts who host dozens of online presentations every year will tell you that the key to success is the same when presenting in person – it’s all about knowing how to engage your audience. In this post, we share some insights from some of the most renowned marketing authorities, who have kindly taken the time to tell us how they make online presentations more engaging. (more…)

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Startup Office Desk
Desktop sharing is nothing new. But what we are seeing in today’s business world is the rapid uptake of desktop sharing software by companies of all shapes and sizes for a variety of use cases: sales presentations by mortgage brokers, online trainings by software companies, client calls by banking and financial advisers, etc.

More industries are quickly realizing the efficiencies and savings to be gained via desktop sharing. If your company has recently discovered these benefits, equipping yourselves with a solid desktop sharing solution is the next logical step. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to understand the basics of hosting desktop sharing meetings with your colleagues and clients – this is what we’ll cover below.

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Deliver Presentation
In almost any job communication skills, especially oral presentation skills, are a must have. Many professionals have not noticed a change in the way that presentations are conducted in recent years. Others, however, have found, or will find, that many presentations can change drastically in the way that they need to be prepared and delivered. One thing is for sure: time is precious, especially the personal time of your audience members. You have a great presentation to make but if you take too long and bore them, it’s wasted. This article aims to give ten tips on how to give an effective short presentation, whether you will be delivering your presentation to a live audience, to an online audience, or both.

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