Video Reel
As of recently, the Mikogo recording feature enables you to create a combined recording of both the screen sharing and VoIP audio together. We have now released a new “session converter” for your Mikogo recordings. The session converter allows you to export and save a Mikogo recording, including both screen sharing and audio, into .webm or .mkv format. This will facilitate online distribution, video editing, and playback for your participants.

Converting a MIK file to WebM or MKV Video Format

Mikogo recordings are automatically saved as MIK files, which is our Mikogo proprietary format. MIK files can be played only using the Mikogo session player. Now with the session converter, you can convert and save any MIK recording into video format (.webm or .mkv format).

Converting your MIK files will allow you to playback a Mikogo recording within browsers (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.) and upload to online video sites, such as YouTube. WebM and MKV files are also supported by popular media players, such as VLC Media Player, which means you can also playback a Mikogo recording using your choice of desktop software, instead of the Mikogo session player.

After you have converted a recording, the exported WebM or MKV format will be approximately half the file size of the original recording MIK file.

Furthermore, once you have converted a Mikogo recording into either WebM or MKV video format, you can use video editing software, such as Free Video Editor, to cut and edit your recording.

It’s important to note that the entire Mikogo session is captured in the recording and conversion process. For example, if you switch presenter during the session, this will be saved in the recording as well as in the converted video file.

Quality of the Converted File

While converting a Mikogo recording file into either .webm or .mkv format will significantly reduce the file size, it will not affect the quality of the video. A converted file will retain the resolution of the original screen dimensions.

Download the Mikogo Session Converter

Click the button below to download the session converter. It is only 4.8MB so won’t take long to download.


Once the file has downloaded, click to open and run it. This will initiate a very quick installation process. The session converter will then open and appear on your screen.

Session Converter

Click on the Open File button to choose which MIK recording file you want to convert. Click “Save” and the converting process will begin.

By converting your files to video format you can edit your recordings, facilitate distribution via the Web, upload them to public video sites, and enable your participants to playback recordings without the need to download the Mikogo session player.

Please note that the session converter is currently only available for Windows users.