Mikogo Windows 10 Start SessionNearly 4 million people have already tried Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, which is expected to make its official release by the end of July this year. We can expect a large portion of Windows users to quickly adopt Microsoft’s latest pride and joy, considering that the new operating system will be given away for free. Millions of users will no doubt take advantage of this free offer from Microsoft, and by the end of summer it will be commonplace to see Windows 10 in the office on the computer screens of colleagues and clients.

This means you may soon find yourself in a Mikogo online meeting with a Windows 10 user. We are pleased to announce that we have tested Mikogo on Microsoft’s latest operating system and found that our screen sharing software is fully compatible with Windows 10.

Testing Screen Sharing on Windows 10

In general, the Mikogo software on Windows 10 will operate the same as it does today on current Windows operating systems with no major differences. Mikogo is compatible with Windows 10.

For most of you, that is the bottom line and all that you need to know. You can rest assured that if you upgrade to Windows 10, you will have no problems with running Mikogo online meetings. Mikogo is ready for Windows 10!

However if you need to know the fine details of our Windows 10 screen sharing tests, please read on.

Windows 10 with Mac screen sharing

Our development team was one of the millions who have recently tried out Windows 10. Focusing first and foremost on the screen sharing functionality of Mikogo, we tested our software thoroughly on the new operating system and successfully hosted and joined screen sharing meetings on Windows 10. This included cross-platform screen sharing between Windows 10 and previous versions of Windows as well as with Mac computers with Mac Retina Displays, including Mac Yosemite 10.10.

We then put the Mikogo feature set to work. We tested the new Mikogo scheduler features, VoIP, multi-user whiteboard, chat, switch presenter, remote keyboard and mouse control, the participant pointer, recording, lock session, pause transmission, participant list emoticons and status symbols,… even Mikogo’s proxy connection functionality was tested. We went over the features with a fine comb and are very happy with the results.

With respect to speed and memory usage, there are absolutely no notable differences. When running Mikogo on Windows 10 you can expect the same high-standard of performance as you see today on current and previous versions of Windows.

Windows 10 with Windows 8.1 screen sharing

Mikogo 5.2: Windows 10 Screen Sharing Compatible

If you are preparing to upgrade to Windows 10 this summer, then we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Mikogo. This was the version of Mikogo which was recently thoroughly tested on the new Microsoft operating system, as described above.