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Flexible workingFlexi-hours, remote working, freelance and telecommuting – these are some of the latest buzzwords in the workplace, and according to Regus, a great method for increasing productivity and revenues. According to a study by Regus, this global trend has seen 72% managers comment on the fact that staff becomes more motivated and energized in direct correlation with flexible working arrangements, while 68% believe that flexible working has increased revenues. (more…)

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Productivity Tips for StartupsFor small business entrepreneurs and startup guys, with strictly limited budgets and increasingly nagging distractions, making the most of 24 hours is essential. Such leaders have to juggle between a lot of different things ranging from being the company’s IT guy to guiding the marketing team and everything in between. This can be very demanding and that makes productivity a necessity to be engrained into the daily lives of these people. 24 hours is what everyone gets, but what differentiates the successful startups from the rest is how they manage their time and organize themselves better. (more…)

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Mikogo UpdateWe’re pleased to announce that we have officially released the latest Mikogo software, Version 5.2. After completing a successful round of intense testing, the new software is now available for download for both Windows and Mac users, including Mac Yosemite 10.10.
What to expect: the biggest update to Mikogo v5.2 is the series of feature additions and improvements to the Mikogo Scheduler. On top of that, we have released an audio recording feature for your Mikogo VoIP calls, the latest version of the HTML Viewer, and further usability improvements. And you can download Version 5.2 for free! Full details below.

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Succeed at Remote WorkingWe’re always talking about the benefits of hiring remote workers for your business. Employees are certainly in agreement with the advantages of working from home, as they have better control over their activities. A Stanford University study found that attrition rates amongst home workers dropped by 50%, while Harvard Business Review published an article on the results of a similar study, which found that home workers completed 13.5% more calls than office staff. It is thought that the flexibility of being at home if you have kids and other commitments outside of work, makes life easier for remote workers, and those very commitments inspire them to do more, quicker. Another contributing factor to the increased productivity, could be the quieter environment in which to make calls and do work that demands silence.

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