Online Mortgage Consultations thumbnailMortgage advice is detailed and complicated. When it’s offered over the phone, it can be confusing and unclear. For mortgage advisers and their clients, face-to-face meetings come with their own challenges, as well. In-person appointments can pose scheduling difficulties and inconveniences for the client. Furthermore, if a mortgage adviser has several face-to-face appointments to keep, that can impact the quality of attention they give to each client.

Easy Street Financial Services, one of our valued clients, recently shared how with one solution they overcame all of these obstacles, strengthened customer relations and communications, and created a competitive advantage.

Based out of Surrey, Easy Street Financial Services offers a wide range of financial services and products. The firm’s team carefully evaluates every client’s needs and provides mortgage and insurance solutions customized to these requirements. They serve people throughout the UK and have over 60 years of cumulative professional expertise.

Ian Symmonds, Director and Financial Adviser, emphasized how Mikogo has changed their sales process. With online presentations, their team is no longer bound by the limitations of phone consultations or client inconveniences of in-person meetings. Symmonds also mentioned other ways in which Mikogo has added significant value to their business operations.

Financial Adviser, FT’s weekly newspaper for the UK’s independent financial advisers and the financial services sector, recently interviewed Ian Symmonds regarding his firm’s use of Mikogo for online consultations with clients. The full article can be read on the Financial Adviser website.

Mikogo Easy Street Financial Adviser Article

Easier and More Convenient Client Consultations

Since Easy Street Financial Services serves clients throughout the UK, firm advisers had to rely upon in-person appointments or phone consultations. Face-to-face meetings required extensive travel time. As for the phone appointments, the advisers were limited in how effectively they were able to discuss various mortgage options with their clients. Mortgage offerings are detailed and complex. Without any visual aids for reinforcement, it was extremely difficult to cover this effectively over the phone.

Mikogo presented Easy Street’s advisers with a more comprehensive and dynamic approach. With Mikogo’s screen sharing software alongside their proprietary mortgage advice software, Symmonds and his associates can present mortgage options with greater clarity during phone consultations with clients.

Ian Symmonds

“It’s not a widely-used approach by many mortgage advisers but there’s almost nothing that we can’t do which face-to-face advisers offer – and we can do it even faster.”


Clients call Easy Street Financial Services to inquire about their mortgage options and to ask if the firm can assist them. Regardless of where the client is at the time – at home, in the office, or on a train – the Easy Street adviser invites the client to join an online meeting from their computer or tablet. In moments, the client joins the meeting and can then see the adviser’s screen on their device along with Easy Street’s mortgage advice software.

In these online mortgage consultations, clients receive a visual demonstration of their mortgage options on their screen, while their Easy Street adviser covers the details of these offerings. Without screen sharing, the client would have had to receive all details of their mortgage options verbally over the phone. Or they would have had to wait until they were able to visit the Easy Street office. Now with Mikogo, the client receives a detailed overview of their mortgage options right before their eyes – instantly when they call Easy Street.

Along with screen sharing, Symmonds mentioned the HTML Viewer as another distinguishing feature for facilitating the process of inviting clients to online mortgage consultations. “The HTML Viewer doesn’t require any additional downloads like other screen sharing software programs do, so it’s easier on our clients. And that makes it more time-efficient.”

Symmonds explained the impact of this on the client experience and the clarity it brings to these initial consultations. “It’s a lot more relaxed and more convenient. And we don’t compromise on quality. Our clients don’t have to deal with any scheduling hassles or inconveniences caused by face-to-face meetings, either.”

He concluded, “It creates a much better experience than just speaking over-the-phone.”

“Mikogo has completely changed our value proposition! It makes everything easy for our clients, and it makes everything easier for them to understand. Plus it’s nice, simple, and easy-to-use, and it’s never let us down!”


Increased Daily Productivity

Since they don’t have to travel for in-person meetings or deal with the limits of phone consultations, Symmonds and his associates have more time. Symmonds explained, “We can now schedule more appointments and perform more consultations each day.” As a result, they’ve increased their daily productivity.

He continued, “I don’t know how I got by without Mikogo before, and I can’t imagine ever going back!”

Clients’ Thoughts on Online Mortgage Consultations

When asked about their clients’ reaction to the online presentation format, Symmonds emphasized they don’t expect it. “It’s not a widely-used approach by many mortgage advisers. When new customers call, we invite them to an online meeting and then go over different mortgage options that are available.”

He added: “They’re amazed by how clear everything is!”

Strengthening Competitive Advantages

Symmonds said Mikogo has transformed the way Easy Street Financial Services’ team provides mortgage advice. Not only has it made client consultations more efficient and convenient, but it has increased Easy Street’s competitive advantages over other mortgage advisory firms.

“Mikogo has raised our professional standards. It’s also helped us position ourselves not only as a viable alternative to traditional mortgage advice, but also the way forward. There’s almost nothing that we can’t do which face-to-face advisers offer, and we can do it even faster.”

Symmonds elaborated, “We can deliver the quality mortgage advice which people need at times that are most convenient for them. It’s really helped move our business forward!”

Concluding Thoughts

Easy Street Financial Services found Mikogo to be a great asset for mortgage consultations. With the screen sharing feature, Easy Street’s advisers can interact with their clients no matter how much distance lies between them. They’ve also found it to be an effective tool in their mortgage sales operations. The Easy Street Financial Services case study showcases how the firm has adapted Mikogo for powerful benefits in these client services.

About Easy Street Financial Services

Based out of Surrey, Easy Street Financial Services is a premier independent mortgage and insurance brokerage serving the entire UK. The firm specializes in a diverse range of mortgage and insurance products and advisement services. They also deliver third party financial services including estate planning along with pension and investment advisement. Their team has over 60 years of combined expertise and offers more than 4,100 financial products from 120 providers.