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Global Evolving Workforce Infographic ThumbnailAccording to a recent study by Intel and Dell on the use of technology in the workplace, perceptions regarding remote work are shifting. Of course, this is fantastic news for technology providers who cater to this market, but it is also good news for companies and their employees who work remotely.

The study involved interviewing 4,764 full-time professionals from small, medium and large organizations across 12 countries. The findings uncovered “dramatic change in how employees will interact with their jobs, colleagues and corporate environments in the future.”

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Online Mortgage Consultations thumbnailMortgage advice is detailed and complicated. When it’s offered over the phone, it can be confusing and unclear. For mortgage advisers and their clients, face-to-face meetings come with their own challenges, as well. In-person appointments can pose scheduling difficulties and inconveniences for the client. Furthermore, if a mortgage adviser has several face-to-face appointments to keep, that can impact the quality of attention they give to each client.

Easy Street Financial Services, one of our valued clients, recently shared how with one solution they overcame all of these obstacles, strengthened customer relations and communications, and created a competitive advantage.

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Mac Start Screen SharingScreen sharing is a powerful form of communication for businesses or individuals, enabling them to connect and view another computer live over the Web. Most importantly it is not limited to IT specialists, but rather it is possible for anyone to engage in screen sharing and view screen content from the presenting computer. Screen sharing is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and more recently, mobile devices such as iPads.

In this article, we have provided a complete guide to screen sharing for Mac computers and will look at how this is achieved, additional features to enhance screen sharing further, and benefits for both businesses and individuals.

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