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Presentation RoomIn a previous post, we mentioned that people tend to nod off in conference calls and how it is important to learn to conduct teleconferences better to minimize loss of time. One suggestion was to use online meeting software where you have the added benefit of presenting slides to your attendees via screen sharing, to help better engage with your audience.

This raises the question: what should you present and how can you make awesome slides which will stimulate your attendees visually? How you go about displaying your material can play a crucial role in the success of your presentation.

Today, we look at how to build killer presentation slides that will keep your participants enthralled and engaged during your meetings. These principles can be applied to both traditional face-to-face presentations and online presentations.

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Welcome Doormat As Mikogo users, you have already witnessed first-hand the benefits of screen sharing. However your leads and clients are a different story. Not everyone is familiar with this technology and just how easy it is to use which can make it difficult to invite a first-timer to an online meeting.

We recently published a white paper detailing a dozen every day scenarios where online meetings can play a part and save you significant time. There are many more such applications of use which apply to all of us. But… none of this matters unless your participants join your screen sharing meeting.

How can you convince your clients that joining you in an online meeting will facilitate your discussion and be far more effective and productive than without?

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Work from HomeIn a recent article on SMH, Bellinda Kontominas spoke about how more employees wish to work from home, while employers are fearful about the fact that they may do less work. Of course, there is merit to her statement that some employers are cautious, but the latest figures from Global Workplace Analytics are undeniable: More people are telecommuting than ever, with an increase of more than 62% in government employees working from home, and an increase of 70% in for-profit employees. The number of state government employees working from home increased by over 122%.

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Business Online Training ProgramForbes reported earlier this year that corporate training spending in the US increased by 15% to reach $70 billion, while the figure grew to $130 billion worldwide. These figures show that corporates are taking employee training and development extremely seriously. Some major corporates that have taken advantage of the benefits of online training, include Bank of America, AT&T, Intuit, Qualcomm and Yahoo!

In a previous post, we discussed the many advantages of online training. However if you cannot engage with your audience in your trainings nor provide an easy way for them to attend, it’s likely to be a waste of time for both you and your trainees. Today I’m going to discuss how you can develop an awesome online training program.

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