Online Consultant TrainingMany professional service providers have found Mikogo useful in their training operations. Recently, one of our valued UK clients, it’seeze shared how it is incorporating Mikogo into its training operations for its franchise consultants and clients.

With its Head Office based in Devon, UK, it’seeze is a premier provider of web design, development, and content management solutions for UK companies and organizations. On top of professional website design and development services, it’seeze stands out in a crowded industry with its functional, easy-to-use website editing system, in which end users can edit and manage their website once it’seeze has completed it.

Over the course of our discussion, we learned more about how Mikogo is an essential tool in their consultant and client training operations. In the interview, Alex Potter and Amy Cross of it’seeze also emphasized the ways in which Mikogo helps in performing client support.

Overcoming Challenges in Training

it’seeze works with over 3,000 clients throughout the UK. To serve this widespread client base and bring on new clientele, it’seeze uses a franchise business model, which consists of a nationwide network of qualified, local franchise consultants. A key business concern is ensuring these franchise consultants and clients know how to use back-end website features, such as it’seeze’s e-commerce solution and trademark website editing system.

With so many people, though, there are challenges with distance and timing. And the franchise consultants and clients differ in terms of how comfortable each of them feels with technology. Alex Potter emphasizes that with Mikogo, these obstacles disappear. In particular, Mikogo greatly helps it’seeze in overcoming the barrier of differing levels of technological illiteracy.

“Our clients and franchise consultants find Mikogo very helpful and useful. In an online meeting, the trainees get a visual representation of what we’re telling them, and they understand it with much greater clarity. It’s so much more effective than just speaking through the phone to them,” explains Potter.

Alex Potter

“For its pricing and the amount of features it has, Mikogo is the best option compared to other products for desktop sharing. It’s simple, easy-to-use, self-explanatory, and easy to get started. It’s very professional!”


Easier Q&A in Group Consultant Training Sessions

Amy Cross, Business Development Manager for it’seeze, notes that in group training sessions for franchise consultants, Mikogo is helpful for trainee engagement and answering questions. “We’ve got a mixture of franchise consultants, some of whom are more likely to ask more questions than others. In group Mikogo sessions, it works very well,” Cross explains. “Those who are more confident or enthusiastic ask questions, and we explain things in detail via screen sharing. In the process, those who aren’t as driven to ask questions also benefit.”

Potter adds: “When people have questions, they can stop us whenever they want to. Via Mikogo, we can answer things in more detail, demonstrate things more extensively, and resolve any challenges they are facing. Our consultants gets the personalized training they need.”

More Value to Clients

When asked about how Mikogo helps clientele, Potter highlights its value in both client training and support. For training needs, Mikogo fits in well with the personalized, one-on-one training it’seeze gives to its clients.

“We have an ongoing flow of customers coming in. One-to-one training is best for them because each client has unique needs and it’s just a better customer service experience,” Potter elaborates. “In this setting, Mikogo greatly complements the training we give them. It really reinforces what we’re telling them while on the phone or by email.”

Potter shares that in one-on-one support sessions, Mikogo’s emoticons and chat feature are invaluable for client interactions. “A lot of our clients are quite busy. If we’re doing email support for them, they don’t want to wait on the phone 10-15 minutes as we are taking care of it. In that case, I contact them via the chat feature and emoticons. That way they can get up, take care of what they need to, and come back and respond whenever is good for them.”

Potter concludes: “In those situations, the chat feature and emoticons are very useful for getting one’s points across immediately.”

Amy Cross

“In our client surveys, we rank very highly for customer service because with Mikogo we can really connect with our clients on a one-to-one basis. We wouldn’t be able to do this with only the phone. And it is SO much easier for our clients to understand what we are talking about!”


Standout Online Meeting Features

As for Mikogo itself, Potter shares that it has much to offer with its versatile features. “Other online meeting programs let you do only simple things like desktop sharing. But with Mikogo, I can chat on it, ping things on the screen and show people what you’re referring to, and switch presenter easily with the dropdown menu. There’s a lot more options with Mikogo than what’s available with other desktop sharing programs.”

Mikogo also reinforces the value proposition that it’seeze offers to its clients. Potter explains: “It’s easy to use. Even our clients who don’t have much technical knowledge find it easy to operate. And since Mikogo is professional in its presentation, it helps our clients feel at ease about security and reinforces their trust in our firm.”

The Takeaway

it’seeze found that Mikogo is useful for both consultant and client training as well as client support. One of Mikogo’s greatest strengths is its ease-of-use and as it’seeze shared, even people with lower levels of technological literacy found it easy to use without any trouble. The it’seeze case study on how the firm has used Mikogo to strengthen its training operations demonstrates the extent to which Mikogo can simplify training efforts.

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