Introducing the Branded Session Login

Business people in standing ovationWe have created a branded version of the session login integration code using the HTML Viewer for you to embed on your website. This allows you to invite participants to join meetings, without any downloads, from your own website. The best part: Your customers will never get to the Mikogo website but instead stay on yours, before joining the session, during the session and afterwards. The “Branded” part means it is customized to fit perfectly into your website design plus it works 100% within your own website, without a trace of the Mikogo brand or website to be seen. This provides you with the most professional way of inviting your clients to meetings from your own website.

Why Use the Branded Session Login?

We released the HTML Viewer Login Integration code last year and the response was very positive. At the same time, some of the feedback was that it would be even better if the participants did not have to see the Mikogo website at all. For those of you who embedded the previous Mikogo session login form into your websites, you will have noticed the following:

  1. When a participant joins via the session login form on your website, they first pass through and see the Mikogo “Join Session” page.
  2. After the session ends, the participant is redirected to the Mikogo website.

In contrast to this, the benefits of the branded version are as follows:

  1. When a participant joins, the HTML Viewer opens directly in a new tab. They will not see the Mikogo Join Session website at all.
  2. It’s the HTML Viewer! That means there are absolutely no downloads for your participants to join your meeting.
  3. The session login form is integrated inside an IFrame on your website, which has the big advantage that your customers will stay on your website.
  4. The branded session login is responsive which means all system messages appear on your website only.
  5. All texts are customizable in terms of font type, size and color to match your corporate identity.
  6. After the session ends, your participants will be redirected to any page on your website that you choose – not the Mikogo website.

All of this means that your participants never leave your website and they don’t see the Mikogo website.

Customize Keyboard Button

A Couple of Points to Note

Please note that this is for the HTML Viewer which means it is perfect when inviting participants to online presentations and meetings, but not remote support. Furthermore, this is currently available in English only but we are looking into offering it in additional languages. If you are interested in getting this in your native language, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

Getting the Branded Session Login

Since the branded session login includes custom fonts/colors, is responsive and redirects to a page on your website of your choice, we cannot provide this as a one size fits all solution. Rather, we will work together with you to implement your design into this solution and then into your website. This means you are directly involved in how the integration will look.

If you are interested in getting a branded version of the session login form for your website or would like more details such as pricing, please contact our Sales Team: