Selling InsuranceWe recently had the pleasure of speaking with one of our valued clients in the United States, United American Insurance Company. United American Insurance enjoys a long-standing reputation as a leading provider of life, supplemental health, and accident insurance coverage for individuals, families, and seniors throughout the United States and Canada.

Over the course of our conversation, we learned of Mikogo’s strong value in their agent trainings. Dave Oliver, Director of E-Applications for United American Insurance, also emphasized the many ways United American Insurance’s agents apply Mikogo in their day-to-day operations, including client sales presentations, remote agent training, and recruitment activities.

The Sales Process and Client Privacy Concerns

When we asked how Mikogo has impacted their agents’ sales experience, Dave accentuated how it had improved their sales process. Many insurance agents had relied upon face-to-face appointments for reaching out to clientele and closing sales, but Mikogo gave them a new sales approach that’s more mindful of a client’s time and privacy concerns.

“An online sales meeting with a client is what we call a non-invasive appointment. We don’t invade their privacy. The customer doesn’t have to clean up the house. They don’t have to put on a pot of coffee… It’s very convenient for the client.”

Dave was also impressed by how Mikogo could appeal to people’s sense of security. For people who don’t want strangers in their home, Mikogo’s screen-sharing feature enables an agent to showcase the merits of various insurance products without going to a client’s home.

“A Mikogo meeting is a very safe, convenient appointment for your client,” explained Dave. In other words, it can help an agent in solidifying a business relationship and building client trust.

Dave Oliver

“With Mikogo, agents can get out there and do business in any state they’re appointed in. It really increases their level of production and gives them opportunities they normally would not have.”


More Professional Presentation than Over-the-Phone Pitches

When weighing Mikogo as an alternative to face-to-face meetings or telephonic contact, Dave mentioned Mikogo’s screen-sharing feature as a step-up from what a phone conversation offers. “When you’re using screen sharing, it gives it that next level of professionalism and it saves so much time.”
Dave emphasized that Mikogo’s screen sharing feature empowers an insurance agent to use what works for them face-to-face, but in the context of an online presentation. “I call it ‘the next best thing to being there.’”

Effects on Customer Base and Cost Reduction

When asked about how Mikogo has affected United American Insurance’s customer base reach and costs, Dave stressed how Mikogo’s screen sharing saves heavily on time and enhances productivity. “Our agents can now do business with clients in any state without traveling. When I was an agent, it would be nothing for me to drive an hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, or even sometimes more to do a single case, turn around, and come back.”

“The gas money and the wear-and-tear of the vehicle is one thing. But the more important thing was the time aspect – that non-productive driving time, when I could have spent more time prospecting or could have spent doing more business. That’s what really cost me the money – that’s the intangible which is hard to see but is there. That’s what Mikogo does – it makes you more efficient, more professional, and makes you able to use your time more wisely. It’s really increasing agents’ production.”

The Takeaway

United American Insurance found Mikogo was not only an invaluable resource for making sales presentations, but also for quick and easy training of their agents. The case study on how the company found Mikogo to be an effective training solution showcases the diversity with which Mikogo can be applied.

At Mikogo, we focus on not only delivering a product with great communication tools and features, but that also has exceptional ease-of-use. We have carefully designed Mikogo so any user can take advantage of it, even if they aren’t the most computer-friendly person around.

About United American Insurance Company

United American Insurance

United American Insurance Company is a leading provider of Medicare Supplement insurance for seniors in North America. On the whole, the company offers life, supplemental health, and accident insurance coverage to individuals, families, and seniors. For client needs, United American Insurance works with thousands of insurance agents in all 50 states and Canada. For 35+ years, it has maintained strong financial stability, earning top ratings from leading credit agencies.