desktop sharing for architectsLast month we presented five clever, but perhaps slightly different or even undiscovered, applications for online meeting software. Did any of the first five applications apply to your line of work? Did you later try using an online meeting in reference to one of them?
If you have already tried those first five and are looking for even further ways to maximize your use of time online, we bring you another five clever areas of application for online meeting software. No need to leave these uses for screen sharing software undiscovered for any longer. Introducing Part II…

1. Architect client meeting: Present drawings from your CAD software

Using online meetings for presenting CAD drawings is a great way for architects to strengthen their communication with clients. Instead of sending large prints and awaiting written feedback from the client, architects are now meeting the clients online and presenting their work live from within their CAD program. This is great because CAD programs are complex nowadays with 3-D components that cannot be communicated in print form, making presenting the drawing files in the CAD program the best option. Furthermore, clients enjoy the experience because they get a complete picture of the project and can raise any questions with the architect as they review the CAD drawings together.

2. Sales management: Review the sales figures in your weekly team meeting

As a sales manager it is paramount that your sales reps are hitting their quota and that you are taking the necessary actions to ensure that they do so. There are numerous sales tools available to assist sales reps but without your input and guidance, you could find them trailing. It is your job to find out why?
A meeting each week with all your sales reps may sound time-consuming, but not if you’re prepared and get all sales reps from multiple locations in one online meeting. You can present the sales overview from your screen and later switch presenter to some of your sales reps for their chance to share their latest figures. For those who are not meeting quota, we recommend you schedule a 1-on-1 follow up meeting.

Sales Management Online Meeting

3. Software development: Hold your daily SCRUM meetings online

Traditionally, a SCRUM meeting involves a team of developers in a huddle in their office discussing their tasks for the day. And when the team is spread out across different offices they huddle together online. The SCRUM master controls the meeting presenting the sprint planning board from his/her screen sharing the scheduled tasks and the tasks in progress for the developers to see. As each developer takes their turn to speak, they can use the participant pointer to point to areas on the master’s planning board. While they listen to their colleagues speak, developers can show their feedback and support by applying emoticons to their meeting status. Questions can be raised at the end to ensure concise reporting during the scrum.

4. Lawyer client meeting: Discuss contract draft

To all of us who don’t have a law degree, legal documents almost appear to be written in a foreign language. Have you ever read over a contract but stumble over so many phrases and feel the need to re-read the document again and again to make sense of it? You’re unlikely to sign it when you feel like that. Typing up all your concerns and questions could be a mammoth task and could even still leave some issues unclear.
You and your lawyer may not have time to travel and meet face-to-face to discuss your concerns about the contract. However if you have time for a phone call, then you have time for an online meeting. By presenting the contract on their screen, the lawyer can walk you through the document and answer your questions as you go.

5. Software company presentation: Update employees on latest product release

In a fast moving industry like software with short and frequent release cycles, it’s a challenge to keep everyone in the company informed about the latest product developments. But getting all your employees together from different offices for a one hour presentation is nearly impossible. Traveling seems even more unnecessary when you only wish to present a few presentation slides.
Solution – fire up a Mikogo session and get your employees in the meeting. This is going to be quick and easy. You just need them in the meeting to watch your presentation and hear you talk them through it.

Discussion: Do you have another common scenario in your line of work where online meetings have saved you some time and legwork? Feel free to share your experience in a comment below!