Online Meeting Software ApplicationsWhat comes to mind when you first think of online meetings? Many people imagine something futuristic and only used by large global corporations. But any regular online meeting host knows this is not the case. There are many daily business processes which can be facilitated by desktop sharing. You probably experience 2-3 each day but perhaps you have not thought of throwing an online meeting into the mix. By doing so, you can make life easier on yourselves, your employees and even your customers.
Here are just a few interesting areas of application for online meeting software…

1. Project Management Status Report

Project management systems are brilliant! Especially for startups and small companies like our own where there is always a 1001 things to do. Project Management systems are great at organising all your projects and delegating tasks between team members.
But at times a certain project might require more visual aid and verbal discussion than your Project Management system comments will allow for.
We use Mikogo daily amongst our own team to discuss tasks and projects. Sometimes there is no other way to make sure the project requirements are clear and everyone is on the same page.

2. Project Presentation: Web Designer to Client

You may have noticed we have a new website. I can tell you, it didn’t happen overnight. We worked closely with a Web designer and all communication took place online. Sometimes he would send design mock-ups to us and we would later send him our feedback. Other times we would get together in an online meeting. This was a huge time saver when a few Mikogo team members were attending. We all got to hear from the designer about his reasons for his work and it was a great chance for feedback and suggestions from multiple people. And at times the designer could even make modifications to the design then and there for us to see during the meeting.

3. Review a Press Release with a PR Consultant

This can actually apply to many documents but a recent press release I was working on serves as a perfect example. Press releases are critical to communicating a piece of company news. But there are thousands of new releases each day so to stand out, your wording must be perfect.
When reviewing your news story with your PR consultant or agency, it is easy to find yourself agonizing over just a few words in the title. Don’t spend time tracking changes, adding comments, and sending the document back and forth. You will make a mountain out of a molehill from just those few words.
Furthermore, a press release is so time-sensitive and at times you only have a matter of minutes to finalize it and get it on the wire. You certainly don’t have time to be sending the draft copy back and forth.

4. Customer Support Call Center

Why call centers don’t utilize screen sharing more often is beyond me! I recently moved and had to setup the new utility accounts, such as gas, electricity, Internet, etc. (Ah… the joys of moving.) In the case of the gas company, setting up the online account was a real struggle with several error messages along the way.
I spoke to them on the phone and they tried to talk me through the account setup and the error messages I was receiving. But not seeing the error messages led to a lot of confusion on their side. It was such a slow process! I suggested we jump into an online meeting but the call center operator wasn’t interested. Hopefully next time…
Those call centers must be wasting so much of their own and their customers’ time every day.

5. Complete your Tax Return with your Accountant

Perhaps not the most interesting meeting during your work day, but getting your finances in order with the accountant is a must.
From my experience, I have found that at times I need to explain all the invoices, receipts, expenses etc in my files to the accountant. Then later down the track I need him to explain to me the final figures in the Profit and Loss Statement or Tax Return which he has produced. Either way, holding an online presentation with the accountant makes me feel more comfortable that the right figures are being sent to the tax office.

And that’s just the first five. We have more to come in the follow-up blog post early next month.

Discussion: Does your work involve any of the above? How have you used online meetings with these areas of your work?
Or have you used Mikogo for other clever areas of application? Feel free to share them in a comment below!