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Best Remote SupportSupporting someone with their IT problems via a remote connection can be very satisfying. Problems can be resolved in a matter of minutes. But not if you have trouble accessing the PC system windows…
Luckily Mikogo’s “Enable Service” feature allows you, as the IT technician, to view and control all systems and UAC windows on your client’s computer. Even better – we now have a new remote support join session page for this exact purpose where the service is automatically enabled on your client’s computer, ensuring that you have best and smoothest level of remote control.

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Voice Conferencing Software SettingsOnline collaboration is growing more important every day. This means that online voice conferencing is here to stay, too. Now is the ideal time to get started with your own VoIP calls. The first post in this series introduced you to useful hardware. Today, we want to take it one step further and look into voice conferencing software. VoIP conferences give you more options than a traditional telephone conference when it comes to the settings – sound volume, mute, microphone sensitivity… If you’re just getting started with VoIP, however, the wide range of features may seem overwhelming. After all, it’s quite a switch from your old phone! Not one to be left behind, you still want to make use of new technology, and of course you want to know how you can get the best results from your investment.

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