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Stop SignAre you just getting started with your online meeting software? Or have you hosted a couple of meetings that just haven’t gone as smoothly as you planned, but you just can’t put your finger on why? Then this is definitely the right article for you.
Last month, we featured the Five Dos of Web Conferencing – now it’s time for the Five Don’ts of Web Conferencing – those sins you should avoid under all circumstances if you want your meeting to be a success.

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Computer headsetAre you hosting your voice conferences over the Web yet? As everything in the workplace moves towards virtual spaces, online voice conferencing via Voice over IP (VoIP) is gaining on the traditional telephone conference in the office, and with good reason. Not only is it more cost-effective, especially when it comes to international calls, it’s also much more convenient. You can call multiple people at once with ease, and you have your hands free during the call. Add to this the many features that VoIP software offers and the advantages over a standard phone call are getting clearer. However, switching to new technology can be daunting. Do you need additional hardware? What should you look for in conferencing software? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one asking those questions. This week, we answer your hardware questions and offer some useful tips for successful online voice conferences.

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Start Mikogo Voice ConferenceAfter lots of brainstorming, dev meetings, and an exciting beta stage, we are excited to bring you the latest Mikogo release: Version 5. The software includes several new features and is available on both Windows and Mac computers. As usual, the software is free for private users. Customers can also get started and update to Version 5 today. Here is how to do it…

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