New Join Session PageNormally you would send your clients to to invite them to join your meetings or presentations. If you want them to join your meeting using the HTML Viewer so they don’t have to download any software, once they are on that page you would have to instruct them to select “HTML Viewer” as the connection method.
But if you’re worried that some clients might not do this correctly, we have a new Join Session page dedicated to the HTML Viewer which will solve that problem for you:

This new page has only the HTML Viewer option as the connection method, as shown in the image below. This means you don’t have to direct them over the phone or in an email on how to select the HTML Viewer. Just direct them to this page, instruct them to enter the Session ID and their name, click Join Session, and they will instantly join your meeting via the HTML Viewer. And of course, there are absolutely no downloads required for your clients.

New Join Session Page

This Join Session page is available in all eight languages of the Mikogo website. If your participants use browsers in one of these languages, our website will detect this and your participants will see the page in their language.

Invite your clients to join your next online presentation via the HTML Viewer on

Discussion: do you often invite participants to join your presentations or meetings via the HTML Viewer? How will this new page help this process?