WinnerA couple of weeks ago for Halloween, we hosted a photo contest through which the winners would receive a free one-year Mikogo Pro plan. One such lucky entry was Gary Mathias who entered a Halloween photo of his friends’ dog in the contest on our Facebook page. We chatted with Gary this week about his experience of Mikogo and how he will be putting his new Mikogo business plan to use.

Introducing Serendipitous Solutions

Serendipitous Solutions is a Michigan-based company specializing in mobile design services. In a nutshell, they take your website design and provide you with a design which is compatible and looks good on mobile devices. Why? Because this helps your business connect with all those people who visit your website using a smartphone or tablet and keeps these visitors on your website.

Visit the Serendipitous Solutions website for more info and a (cool!) video on their homepage about mobile design.

Mikogo: Why did you start using online meetings? How long have you been using Mikogo?
Gary Mathias: I started using Mikogo a year or so ago because I was developing our presentation and some projections for the business with an associate in Traverse City, Michigan. That’s 180 miles from my office, so Mikogo became a great resource as we could screen share ideas.

Exactly โ€“ doing business with people at a distance but without traveling is the key problem solved by online meetings. What features do you like most in Mikogo?
The feature I like the best is the ability to embed Mikogo directly onto my website (i.e. Session Login Integration) to allow clients to log in directly from there. It serves two purposes for me: it gets customers on my website and it makes it super easy to get them into a Mikogo meeting.

Now with this business plan, how will you use it? For which use case?
I started by adding my company logo into the software so clients see it when they join my Mikogo meetings.
My plans going forward with Mikogo are for sales presentations – why travel to one appointment, when I can do two or more with Mikogo?

We couldn’t agree with you more Gary! Enjoy your free Mikogo plan ๐Ÿ™‚

The Winning Photo:
Halloween contest winner

Look out for more contests for your chance to win a free Mikogo Plan.