Financial Planning with TransparencyThinking about your finances and future isn’t everyone’s favorite way to spend time. It can seem complicated and overwhelming. But it is a must to get your company and personal finances in order so all business owners will regularly find themselves going over the numbers with their bank.

We talked to Mikogo customer, comdirect bank, about how important transparency and personal contact is when their consultants are dealing with clients about their finances.

Introducing comdirect

The comdirect bank is the leading direct bank for modern investors and the market leader among online brokers. Comdirect services more than 1.5 million clients in their three main fields of business: brokerage, banking and consulting.

Property finance planning is a very emotional but complex service. Customers expect personal advice and property financing solutions on a personal and professional level. Transparency and personal contact are hereby crucial factors for success. While such successful consultations can be achieved with face-to-face meetings, it can be a more difficult task over the phone. Due to this, over the phone consultations with customers needed to be more transparent and personal.

Comdirect Teams Up with Mikogo

Thanks to Mikogo the comdirect bank is now able to offer their customers a visual demonstration of their personal financial structures. Via Mikogo the comdirect customers can meet with their consultant online and view the process of their mortgage planning at home on their screen.

Financial data can now be presented to the customer while the consultant simultaneously explains everything over the phone. Ingo Leidecker, Head of Processes and Operations, is convinced: “Because of the simplicity and interactivity of screen sharing with Mikogo, customers can experience the whole process directly and are pleasantly surprised.”

Financial planning with such increased transparency due to Mikogo has strengthened trust from the comdirect customers. “A request for mortgages usually takes at least 8 weeks. Now we close deals approx. 10-15% faster. With Mikogo our conversion rate is 50 – 70% higher compared to using only a phone for sales!”

Providing client consultations which are more transparent and personal and even improving the conversion rate – a great success story from a great bank! You can download the full comdirect case study here.

Discussion: have you used Mikogo, either as a professional in the finance sector or as a client, for online financial planning? What did you think about the experience?