Mikogo VOIPThe latest version of the Mikogo software is now available and it includes a built-in VOIP feature for voice conferencing for both Windows and Mac users. Time to throw your phones away!
Ok, that might be a bit drastic but this release now means you can speak to your meeting participants directly through your computer using the Mikogo software. Read on below to learn how you can start using the Mikogo voice conferencing feature.

What’s Included

Mikogo Voice ConferencingHere is what you will get with the new voice conferencing feature:

  1. Built-In VOIP – just to be clear, VOIP means it runs through the Mikogo software and over the Web. You don’t need an external phone system for this. However you will need to make sure you have a working microphone and speakers on your computer.
  2. Cross-Platform – this means you can start a Mikogo voice conference on a Windows or Mac computer and your participants can also join on either Windows or Mac computers.
  3. Mute/Unmute – at any point, you and your participants can mute oneself. This is indicated by a red handset next to the participant name. Also as the organizer you have ultimate control so you can mute select participants – quite handy if they have a bit of background noise.
  4. Advanced Audio Settings – open the settings option in the Voice Conferencing drawer to change the microphone sensitivity, as well as select to use the Noise Reduction or Echo Cancellation features.

Getting Started

You’ll need to use the latest software release to start a voice conference with Mikogo. Check that you have 4.7.130410 at the bottom of your software settings drawer. If you don’t have it, it is available on our download pages.

After starting a Mikogo session as usual, you will then see a headset symbol in your main menu. Click on that to add the voice conference component to your meeting. We have provided further details on starting and joining a voice conference in one of our FAQs.

Start Voice Conference

Share Your Feedback

The built-in voice conferencing feature is still in beta so we would love to hear from anyone who has used the new VOIP feature. Please contact us with your feedback – your suggestions and comments will help us improve the service even further.

Discussion: Have you used the VOIP feature yet? How did you find it?