Volvohandelns UtvecklingsWe recently had the opportunity to speak with a prized customer of Mikogo, Swedish company, Volvohandelns Utvecklings (VHUTV). VHUTV develop the best dealer management systems and information services to the automotive industry. In speaking at length we were able to understand not only how the company uses Mikogo and why they were initially searching for a web conferencing solution, but we also heard about the importance of security and ensuring compatibility between Mikogo and their IT systems.

When we asked what VHUTV was trying to achieve with Mikogo, they explained that their primary goals were to meet with customers over the Web; cut down on both travel time and expenses; and increase the amount of time they could meet with customers. With a number of new products and product resources, the company needed to conduct presentations in real-time over the Web to distant clients across Scandinavia. Traveling to meet face-to-face was simply not feasible given that VHUTV needed to make regular contact with these customers in order to maintain good relations with customers and promote new products for further sales.

But most importantly, it was paramount for security reasons that Mikogo would work seamlessly within their own advanced IT and security systems. And while online meetings are quite common today, VHUTV required assistance to ensure that both their security systems and Mikogo would function optimally.

“We were looking for a solution that met our demands for a way to meet with clients online,” explained Fredrik Nordqvist, IT Technician for VHUTV. “We required a solution that was reliable, not technical and complicated, and was very easy to use – and that’s exactly what we found with Mikogo.”

Going the Extra Mile

Fredrik was immediately impressed with Mikogo’s intuitive design, quick installation process, and ease of use for customers. However, due to high-tech security systems in place at VHUTV, they required more than a standard setup. The company needed to conduct extensive internal testing before committing to the product. Consequently Mikogo provided them with a trial account extension, giving them all the time in the world to test our service. Assistance was provided every step of the way during the testing phase and at no point did the level of security in place at VHUTV ever weaken.

Once VHUTV had completed their tests and confirmed that our solution was compatible with their security infrastructure, they were convinced that Mikogo was the right choice for them. Fredrik recalls that “The Mikogo Team gave us a lot of time and assistance with technical details to find the optimal solution to run alongside our security systems. This was very nice and all our questions were taken care of immediately.”

“We had no problems at all from the get-go. We are still using it today across the board and will continue to do so.”

“We had no problems at all from the get-go and everyone has been very satisfied. Our online meetings with Mikogo have always been very easy to start and for everyone to use. We are still using it today across the board and will continue to do so.”

At Mikogo we are not only concerned with delivering the best product possible; we also aim to support our clients throughout the implementation process. We have designed our solution to be compatible with IT systems of any kind, but we are also there to help when further steps must be taken to ensure Mikogo works flawlessly for clients with additional requirements, as seen with Volvohandelns Utvecklings’s experience.

Discussion: Why did you and your company first need online meetings? Was it to reach out to current distant customers who you could not meet face-to-face regularly? Or was it to meet online with new prospects and customers in new markets? Please share your experience below in a comment.