Smell SharingAs humans we have five senses, two of which are already covered by Mikogo: sight and hearing. Today’s new Mikogo release of TelSmell adds a third to your online meetings with the addition of smell – a world first for online meetings. During a Mikogo meeting, TelSmell easily detects the scents and smells from your office and transmits them via your computer to your meeting participants. Whether it be fresh coffee, summer rain outside the office window or a colleague’s perfume, all odors are transmitted between you and your participants in real-time.

Why TelSmell?

Sharing desktops, documents, applications, and audio are all necessary features for online meetings. But with Mikogo we wanted to go further and give you that real meeting experience, just as if you were sitting in the same room with your meeting participants. Humans can detect up to 10,000 different odors while the ability to “smell each other” is essential for social communication. When you are meeting with business clients/partners, there is a lot more going on in that moment other than just talking about business. Smells in fact play a major role in the social interaction taking place during a meeting. The addition of smell sharing to Mikogo takes us one step closer to a real-life meeting experience.

And it is not only limited to business meetings. The role of smells in social interaction is particularly important during personal interactions. Take for example a date between two people. It has been proven that pheromones (a chemical substance released by humans into the air) from another person affects the behavior of those in close proximity. Mikogo’s TelSmell will open many doors in the world of online dating.

Furthermore, Mikogo is in talks with local Chef Colleges and cooking classes on the introduction of TelSmell for students studying by correspondence. It will be a first for cooking classes when a chef can teach cooking classes in an online classroom and students can smell the food live over the Web.

Getting Started

In order for Mikogo to pick up on your local scents and transmit them to your participants, you will need the new TelSmell USB device. Simply plug the device into your computer and when you start your next Mikogo meeting, TelSmell will switch on and start capturing local scents for transmission to the participants. Of course, participants will need to also have a TelSmell USB device to receive and transmit scents from their side of the online meeting.

TelSmell is a beta release and Mikogo is looking for beta testers. Please contact us ( to receive your free TelSmell USB device and get started with smell sharing.

Today’s full press release is available here: Mikogo Press Release.

What do you think about Mikogo’s latest innovative feature? In what online meeting situations will you use TelSmell?