Mikogo Cloud Desktop - Sky is the LimitSo you’ve just left for a long vacation, and you are looking forward to spending time with your family, far away from the office. Then you realize you forgot to make the final changes to that spreadsheet, or edit those photos for the new website. You didn’t bring a computer, and you didn’t have to. With Mikogo’s new Cloud Desktop any computer can be yours – all you need is an Internet connection and a browser, and you can access an entire computer sitting in the Cloud, complete with all of your programs and files. Whether it’s your daughter’s laptop, the computer in the hotel lobby, or your friend’s smartphone, you can use any computer to access your Cloud Desktop.

Introducing the Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop on an iPadThe Mikogo Cloud Desktop is an innovative browser-based way of hosting an entire computer system in the Cloud. Built on HTML5 technology and 100% browser-based, there are no downloads, no software installations and no plugins, you can just open a browser on any computer or tablet and log in to your Cloud Desktop. This means your Cloud computer is available from any location, any time you want.

In the same way that you access your gmail or Hotmail account from any computer simply by logging in to their website, you can access your Cloud Desktop by opening a web browser and logging in. Now, instead of only seeing your email, you can access your entire operating system, your software programs, your files, everything!

Mikogo’s revolutionary Cloud Desktop allows for the full user experience of a regular desktop computer based entirely in the Cloud, and therefore is not tied to any one computer or device. And because you are always accessing your Cloud Desktop through a browser, you no longer need to think about hardware issues, worry about your computer crashing, or losing everything because you spilled coffee on your keyboard.

“The Mikogo Cloud Desktop is the easiest way to access your very own computer system sitting in the Cloud, which is completely managed by our IT professionals. This builds considerable value as it creates a warranty for company IT departments regarding performance, while saving time and money.”

– Marcel Maron, IT Operations Manager, Mikogo

Another unique feature is the ability to access your Cloud Desktop from any mobile device. For instance, say you want to work on a PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow’s big meeting, but the only Internet-connected device you have access to is your iPad. Without any downloads you can simply open the browser, log in to your Cloud Desktop and start working – adding content, copying in charts and graphs, whatever it is you need to do. The next day, when you’re back at the office, you just open a browser from any computer, log in and voila, all of the changes you made the day before are right there. Additionally, with the Mikogo web conferencing software installed on the Cloud Desktop you have the ability to start and join Mikogo sessions with full functionality from a mobile device. So you can share your screen, transfer control to other attendees, and use any and all of Mikogo’s unique functions from, for example, your iPad!

You can even work cross-platform, so if you’re Cloud Desktop uses Windows 8, but you want to access it from your iPad, you can do it no problem. As long as there’s an Internet connection you are good to go. Furthermore, your operating system will be managed by Mikogo’s professional service providers, which means you no longer have to maintain your operating system on your own.

Cloud Desktop on Android

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Start Mikogo Online Meetings on Tablets

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Screen Sharing between Tablets

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A Word with the Cloud Desktop Pioneer

“The advantages of Cloud services are accessibility and reliability because the services are managed by professional service providers, not the end-user. Operating systems, however, are presently still managed by the end-user leaving them to deal with constant updates, maintenance, performance issues, etc.,” explains Marcel Maron, Mikogo’s IT Operations Manager and pioneer behind the Cloud Desktop.

“We’ve had these frustrations ourselves, so we developed the Mikogo Cloud Desktop, to give users the easiest way to access their very own computer system sitting in the Cloud, which is completely managed by our IT professionals. This builds considerable value as it creates a warranty for company IT departments regarding performance, while saving time and money.”

Try the Cloud Desktop Today

The Mikogo Cloud Desktop service is available now. Visit the Cloud Desktop page and register for a free account to access the Cloud Desktop from any computer or tablet, anywhere in the world!

For further details about the Cloud Desktop, feel free to check out today’s press release.

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