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Desktop SharingDid you know you can add your logo to the Mikogo software? Or use a giant cursor with your name under it on the presenter’s screen? Or integrate the Mikogo Session Login field into your website?
We have collected ten great, but at times unknown, features of Mikogo that each apply to at least one of the main four use cases – meetings, training, presentations, and remote support. These will be split over two separate blog posts, stay tuned for the final five coming later next month. So if you’re looking to get the most out of Mikogo read on, for herein lies five things you may not know about your favorite desktop sharing product.

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Mikogo Cloud Desktop - Sky is the LimitSo you’ve just left for a long vacation, and you are looking forward to spending time with your family, far away from the office. Then you realize you forgot to make the final changes to that spreadsheet, or edit those photos for the new website. You didn’t bring a computer, and you didn’t have to. With Mikogo’s new Cloud Desktop any computer can be yours – all you need is an Internet connection and a browser, and you can access an entire computer sitting in the Cloud, complete with all of your programs and files. Whether it’s your daughter’s laptop, the computer in the hotel lobby, or your friend’s smartphone, you can use any computer to access your Cloud Desktop.

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Mikogo Adds ClarityPart of being an effective coach is ensuring that the information you share and concepts you discuss are understood by the people with who you’re communicating. Without that clarity, it’s hard to make any progress. We recently spoke to two professional coachers about how they both achieve this clarity with the assistance of desktop sharing.

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