Windows 8 TilesRecently Mikogo passed the “Certified for Windows 8” program successfully, and is now available on the first ever Windows Store. We are very pleased to join Microsoft’s biggest operating system update in 17 years, which will allow users to download the Mikogo software and add it as a tile on the new-look Windows user interface for starting and joining online meetings on Windows 8.

The Mikogo desktop sharing software was successfully tested earlier in 2012 on the pre-release version of Microsoft’s new operating system, confirming its compatibility with the Windows 8 beta release. We are happy to be one of the first web conferencing applications to be available on the revolutionary Microsoft OS, joining the 10,000-plus apps in the store today.

Cross-Platform + 1

We are also very proud to add Windows 8 to the long list of operating systems that are part of our cross-platform functionality, including Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Users will still be able to access all of Mikogo’s unique features while sharing screens in real-time with participants on earlier versions of Windows. Mikogo’s Product Development Manager, Matthias Litz, explains that, “the compatibility of our software with the new operating system was essential to ensure Mikogo would pass the Microsoft Windows 8 desktop app certification and be available to all Windows 8 users.”

Mikogo in Windows Store

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Mikogo on Windows 8 Desktop

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All in all we are very honoured to be a part of Windows 8 from its inception, and we look forward to growing alongside this remarkable new operating system!

Discussion: Who has already upgraded to Windows 8? How did you find Mikogo on the new operating system?