Online Meeting Tools Review - 2nd PlaceWay to Go-go, Mikogo! Online Meeting Tools Review, a vendor-independent reviewer of web conferencing and webinar solutions, recently published their annual review and comparison of the best web conferencing and webinar software and Mikogo has landed itself at number 2, with an overall score of 9.28 out of 10! Mikogo climbed one notch in the rankings from its third-place position in 2011, and we have our eye on the top spot for next year, especially on the back of the new Voice Over IP function, which made its debut last week.

The Online Meeting Tools Review website meticulously tests each online meeting product based on functionality, usability, security, costs etc., and then ranks each based on their total score. Mikogo received five stars in five of the seven categories rated in the review, placing it above the likes of WebEx, TeamViewer, and Adobe Connect.

Here is a snippet of Online Meeting Tools Review’s shining assessment of Mikogo:

“A simple and quick installation and setup process, a slim meeting planner, as well as high security standards must all be mentioned on the plus side of this online meeting solution.”

Additionally, Mikogo was praised for its intuitive design and excellent value for money.

Online Meeting Tools Review has been testing a wide range of web conferencing applications for years, with the aim of helping businesses select the most appropriate solution for their needs. The result has been a continuous evaluation of some of the biggest web conferencing solutions available today.

We are all very happy with this great achievement, and we look forward to taking on the top spot in 2013!