Ted Carlson, CFE
Workers' Compensation Compliance SaaS Programs

In tough economic times, it is often easy to forget the needs and wants of small businesses, inadvertently allowing them to drift towards our periphery. With attention being moved toward complex financial markets and investment management, there is a tendency to forget that Main Street, not Wall Street, is what builds a healthy economy. Saying this, small businesses can only grow and flourish if they are managed efficiently and with a firm grip on compliance. If there’s anyone who understands that, it’s Ted Carlson.

Ted Carlson is a certified Fraud Examiner specializing in worker’s compensation compliance. For the past 9 years, Ted has been working hard to teach small businesses how to deal with worker’s compensation claims and avoid being audited. He also works to make sure there is accurate and up to date worker’s compensation information and reports for employers and insurance companies. To top it all off, Ted gets all this done and more using Mikogo. Naturally.

While searching for an inexpensive and contract free screen sharing program on the Internet, Ted stumbled across Mikogo by chance and never looked back. “Other online meeting solutions were intimidating to our clients,” Ted explains. “Mikogo could be used on the web and required no download,” says Ted. This Mikogo feature, among others, appealed to both Ted and his clientele.

Recently, Ted got behind a project to create a bundle of SaaS (Software as a Service) Apps that guide employers on how to create workers compensation reports for employees, contractors, state, as well as insurance agencies. The cloud based compliance apps have a robust list of capabilities including: calculating workers compensation premiums, keeping track of contractor data, creating reports that you can email yourself and employers, and more.

“It [Mikogo] is quick to send to new clients on the fly because they want answers NOW. Taxes are very punishing right now in America and the small businesses need us while they are doing these reports in a live environment,” says Ted. That’s where Mikogo comes in.

Ted has used Mikogo in the midst of panicky clients who are using his SaaS programs to finish their workers compensation reports. And the best part is that Mikogo is easy for everyone. “Mikogo is simple to use for the less Internet savvy folks who are not computer oriented people,” explains Ted. But the software also includes many detailed features so users know they are getting the most out of their online meetings.

As for Ted’s future with Mikogo? “As we grow our professional presence nationally, we can expand to the Pro model to conduct group sessions. I have seen nothing that compares for its flexible use.”

Discussion: Are you someone who has recently launched a product that is being used to help small business or even just someone with an idea for one? Has Mikogo assisted in getting your message out? Let us know about it by leaving a comment below.