Carrier pigeons are back!Here at Mikogo, we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways of communication. While we still think our way is the best way, it recently occurred to us that, like flannel and moustaches, carrier pigeons might be making a comeback. Let’s face it, you could either mail your important documents with the local post service, or instead send them via homing pigeon. Either way, there is a chance your documents won’t get there, so you might as well invest in a pigeon – don’t worry, it’s tax deductible.
Check out our reasons why we think carrier pigeons might just be crazy enough to work.

1. Everybody Loves Vintage

People appreciate stuff from the 80s. In the case of carrier pigeons, I guess we mean the 1680s but it’s vintage nonetheless. While everyone is on their fancy laptops and cell phones, we guarantee that you’ll be the only person who thought to have a meeting via a carrier pigeon. “Who is that guy? The one with the pigeon. He is so retro!”

2. IT Problems

Ugh. The office Internet is down again but you have to send those expense reports that your boss has been asking for all week. No worries. Send the office carrier pigeon! While largely unexplored, inter-departmental pigeon mail might be the key to communication running smoothly throughout the office. Teach it to take the elevator and which department has the best coffee. The office might reek of feathers and bird droppings but this is a small price to pay. After all, it is important to have a contingency plan and even more important that your plan doesn’t involve you getting up from your desk.

3. Rugged

Bungee JumpingYou know stuff about the great outdoors. You can look at the sun and roughly guess what time it is. You give Bear Grylls a run for his money. Sometimes you can go weeks on end without speaking to another human being and once your mom even called the State Troopers to look for you because she hadn’t heard from you in 3 months. Whatever. You’re an outdoors guy. Why burden yourself with the societal constraints of technology when you can just buy a pigeon and name it Waldo? You’ll send your mother word every couple of weeks and if she doesn’t see your pigeon for a while she will know you were not long for this earth. Where is Waldo?

4. Fall Fashion

Nobody ever said desktop sharing is meant to be sexy. So here at Mikogo we are making carrier pigeons our must have accessory for Fall 2012. What is cooler than a guy who looks like he still uses carrier pigeons as his main mode of correspondence? A guy who actually does. That guy with the carrier pigeon is so hot right now.

5. Solid Excuse

You were supposed to give your mom a 40 minute tutorial on how to send an email? Your sister needs you to look at pictures of the money pit she is thinking of investing in? Let’s just say that the pigeon conveniently forgot to deliver the news. Oops.

Discussion: Second only to Mikogo, carrier pigeons are actually pretty useful. A flawless form of communication, really. Can you think of a reason why we shouldn’t all use carrier pigeons?
In fact, we’re so confident in our feathered friend that we’re pretty concerned that a sudden resurgence of carrier pigeons will put us out of business. But until that day, we want to hear about your wacky alternatives to web conferencing.