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Mikogo VideoWhy Online Meetings? And if you’re going to meet online, why should you use Mikogo? These are just a couple of the important questions which we have answered in our explainer video to assist new website visitors.
Making such a video was quite a fun and interesting project. We wanted to produce a video that would sum up Mikogo in just a couple of minutes to those who have never attended an online meeting and help them grasp the idea of desktop sharing. To get this right, we had to put ourselves in their shoes, pinpoint the right questions and spent some time drafting and tweaking the video.
Below you’ll find the finished product…

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Windows 8 TilesRecently Mikogo passed the “Certified for Windows 8” program successfully, and is now available on the first ever Windows Store. We are very pleased to join Microsoft’s biggest operating system update in 17 years, which will allow users to download the Mikogo software and add it as a tile on the new-look Windows user interface for starting and joining online meetings on Windows 8.

The Mikogo desktop sharing software was successfully tested earlier in 2012 on the pre-release version of Microsoft’s new operating system, confirming its compatibility with the Windows 8 beta release. We are happy to be one of the first web conferencing applications to be available on the revolutionary Microsoft OS, joining the 10,000-plus apps in the store today.

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Online Meeting Tools Review - 2nd PlaceWay to Go-go, Mikogo! Online Meeting Tools Review, a vendor-independent reviewer of web conferencing and webinar solutions, recently published their annual review and comparison of the best web conferencing and webinar software and Mikogo has landed itself at number 2, with an overall score of 9.28 out of 10! Mikogo climbed one notch in the rankings from its third-place position in 2011, and we have our eye on the top spot for next year, especially on the back of the new Voice Over IP function, which made its debut last week.

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Ted Carlson, CFE
Workers' Compensation Compliance SaaS Programs

In tough economic times, it is often easy to forget the needs and wants of small businesses, inadvertently allowing them to drift towards our periphery. With attention being moved toward complex financial markets and investment management, there is a tendency to forget that Main Street, not Wall Street, is what builds a healthy economy. Saying this, small businesses can only grow and flourish if they are managed efficiently and with a firm grip on compliance. If there’s anyone who understands that, it’s Ted Carlson.

Ted Carlson is a certified Fraud Examiner specializing in worker’s compensation compliance. For the past 9 years, Ted has been working hard to teach small businesses how to deal with worker’s compensation claims and avoid being audited. He also works to make sure there is accurate and up to date worker’s compensation information and reports for employers and insurance companies. To top it all off, Ted gets all this done and more using Mikogo. Naturally.

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Voice ConferencingIt’s here! 4.7 is here! We at Mikogo are thrilled to announce the beta release of the VOIP voice conferencing service which our dev team have been working hard on bringing to you. Although it is only in the beta stages, it is fully-functioning and ready for you! We have the utmost confidence that once you experience a Mikogo voice conference, you’ll be as pleased with it as we are 🙂

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