ArchitectureWhen you think of desktop sharing software, you first think of online conferencing between large global corporations or remote support from an IT specialist. So it goes without saying that we all know that desktop sharing is ideal in a traditional business setting. We know it’s good for IT Support as well as online presentations.
What we thought would be interesting, would be to present a quick overview and explore 5 professions that you may not have thought of as places of work that are benefiting from desktop sharing as well. Presenting…!

1. Architecture

Architecture is actually more than romantic comedies would have you believe. There is actually a lot of liaising and client meetings to attend and quite a bit of jet setting. It’s the jet setting part that makes Mikogo software a must have if you’re going to be showing clients and contractors floor plans from 3,000 miles away. Which, I assume is what architects are doing around the clock. With features like participant pointer, chat, recorder etc, Architecture just got easier, faster, and better looking – didn’t even think that was possible, did we?

2. Advertising

So you’re no Don Draper a la Mad Men, but you know a thing or two about Advertising. You take important meetings and shake a lot of hands in your day to day. Which is great. But what happens when one of your clients is held up or double booked? You work for the likes of Lays and Wrigleys Gum, of course there are going to be scheduling conflicts. Why not invite them to an online presentation on exactly how you plan on taking on their business head on? You can E-Schmooze, get details on their vision, and directly show them just what you had in mind. Fast performance and clear graphics will do your proposals proper justice to the point where they’ll think they were actually there. Maybe if they’d had online presentations in the 1960s Betty and Don would have stayed together.

3. Event Planning

Event PlanningPicture this: You’re Kate Hudson in ‘Every Kate Hudson Film Ever’ and you’re an event planner (of course). You live in New York (naturally) and you just landed a high profile client wedding in L.A. If you were Kate Hudson, your travel budget would be irrelevant. Unfortunately, you live in the real world and your travel budget is non-existent or limited at best. Show your clients mockups of your plans, live updates of their budget usage, venue options and more using Mikogo. They can participate and, quite literally, draw a big red ‘x’ over all your hard work and planning thanks to the software’s whiteboard and multi-user function. Try Mikogo and it’ll be just like dealing with your diva clients in person.

4. Real Estate

If you’re selling Real Estate in this economy then you’re already as adventurous as they come. You play hard ball and don’t accept anything less than 15% commission. You never leave home without your pants suit and aviator sunglasses. But what happens when you nab that ultra rich but ultra busy client who has no time whatsoever to come see the houses you want to show them? You have houses they would be interested in viewing but they’re so popular and busy they’re always having lunch with Kofi Annan or whoever. You could email him specs or you could have a quick online meeting to get him to narrow down what he wants from what you’ve chosen. They can view meetings from an airport in Paris or a coffee shop in Budapest. You’re one step away from closing your high profile client. One of the Mikogo customers the other day told us about how he had client meetings from a pub in England while on holiday! So why can’t you?

5. Young Entrepreneur

EntrepreneurSo you’re the next Mark Zuckerberg. You’ve got the hoodie and sandals, now all you need is the idea. You’re a young upstart so you don’t have a disposable income in order to travel but you do have a working knowledge of the Internet. Mikogo can help you network, get funding, buy more hoodies, and eventually lawyer up. Becoming a twenty something year old billionaire never looked so easy with Mikogo in your life.

Discussion: So in terms of unique ways and unexpected professions, how “out there” was that for you? Of course we’d like to hear about the unique ways that you use Mikogo. Are you Tony Hawk? Do you use Mikogo for your online crotchet tutorial business? If not, why not? 🙂 Tell us about it!