Support ProfileDo you use Mikogo for remote support? Then you will love what we have in store for you below in this post!
Currently when you start a Mikogo session and your client joins, the client will view your screen. This is perfect and easy for meetings and presentations. But what about remote support sessions we hear you ask? We have released a “Support” profile in the Mikogo software – designed with IT support technicians in mind, the software allows you to start a Mikogo session and when your client joins the session, you will instantly see and control their computer. No need to switch presenter or send a remote control request.
Read on below for how you can use the Support profile for your next Mikogo session.

How Can I Start a “Support” Session?

Starting a Mikogo session with the new Support profile is as easy as starting a standard session. We’ll walk you through this with the following steps:

1. Select “Support”
Open the Start Session drawer, however before clicking the Start Session button, click on the drop-down menu. Select “Support”.
Support Profile

2. Select the Viewing Direction setting
After clicking the “Start Session” button you will be presented with 3 options as shown in the screenshot. Select “View & Control” to instantly view and control the client’s computer when they join your session.
View and Control

3. Start the Support session
After clicking OK your session will start and you will be presented with a participant list which appears as shown in the screenshot below. Note that there is no presenter yet because your client will be the presenter and is yet to join.
Participant List

4. Invite your client to the session
Unless they already have Mikogo downloaded on their computer, your client will need to go to, enter the Session ID along with their name and click “Join Session”. Please note that they will need to join the session with the Connection Program, not the HTML Viewer.
Join Session

Your client can then run the Mikogo software which will add them to your support session. At this point the client will be presented with the “Switch Presenter Request”. This is intentional and informs the client of their actions for security reasons – always important for remote support sessions. Please ask your client to click “Yes”.
Switch Presenter Request

That’s it!

Your client has joined your “Support” session and you can now see and view their screen.

You will see the “Remote Keyboard Combinations” drawer appears in your Mikogo panel giving you extra functionality for your support session.
Keyboard combinations

A little more detail about the Support profile

  • We have released the support profile for ALL users and customers.
  • It is available in Mikogo versions 4.3 and greater including the latest Mikogo release, 4.6.120813.
  • When starting a session with the Support profile, the wallpaper will temporarily disappear on the client’s computer and will reappear after the end of the session. Removing the wallpaper speeds up the screen sharing transmission.
  • The Picture Quality is set to level 2. This means the picture quality is not as crystal clear as in the standard Mikogo presentation mode, but again it speeds up the screen sharing.

Create Your Own Support or Other Profiles

This release now means you have the “Standard Profile” and the “Support” profile by default for online meetings and remote support respectively. But what about other Mikogo use cases such as teaching, training, and presentations? If you would like to build your own profiles with different settings and features, you can do so with the Profile Manager. This is an account-based feature which you can gain with a registered account – please register a Mikogo account to access the Profile Manager.


What do you think? Does this make your support sessions easier for you and your clients? What about other profiles? Have your created other profiles for your own Mikogo use cases? Would you like to see other profiles added to Mikogo by default?

Please leave your feedback in the comments below – thanks!