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Investment Management with MikogoNavigating the financial sphere can be tough. There is much to consider both within the context of investment management itself, but also when deciding what tools can best increase productivity and effectiveness. These days, many users who work as investment managers and similarly paced professions are adding Mikogo to their own utility belts and finding out just what a difference online meetings can make. We had an opportunity to speak with a couple of seasoned Investment Managers who know all about the benefits of financial mapping, mobile meetings, and always being available for your clients.

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Support ProfileDo you use Mikogo for remote support? Then you will love what we have in store for you below in this post!
Currently when you start a Mikogo session and your client joins, the client will view your screen. This is perfect and easy for meetings and presentations. But what about remote support sessions we hear you ask? We have released a “Support” profile in the Mikogo software – designed with IT support technicians in mind, the software allows you to start a Mikogo session and when your client joins the session, you will instantly see and control their computer. No need to switch presenter or send a remote control request.
Read on below for how you can use the Support profile for your next Mikogo session.

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