Companies using MikogoWeb conferencing… Remote support… Some might think desktop sharing is left to the tech and IT world – but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. The global use of Mikogo spreads through a great range of different businesses and industries. We have even created a separate section on our website, titled Solutions (Edit: now called Customers), dedicated to sharing how desktop sharing is the solution for many needs in a growing range of industries. However our Solutions section only details a few industries using desktop sharing and Mikogo, which leads us to the topic of this blog post.
We would like very much like to hear from more companies using our software. If you would like to participate and share your Mikogo experience with others, please read on below.

As you can see in our current Solutions articles, Mikogo is used by a wide range of people and companies and we hear more about desktop sharing expanding into different industries. This means we would like to hear from everyone! Whether you’re in a niche or mass market, please feel free to write in to us.

If you have a moment to share a bit about your company and experience with Mikogo, please get in contact with us by sending an email.

When you contact us, please be sure to include the following info:

  • Your company
  • How you use Mikogo for your line of work
  • Why Mikogo is an important part of your work

Thank you – we’re looking forward to hearing from you and finding out how you use Mikogo in your industry!