Is Mikogo feeling blue?Is Mikogo feeling unwell? Depressed or unhappy? No! On the contrary – we’re very pleased with our latest software release and website update!
We have just released Mikogo Version 4.5 which, along with some small bug fixes, now has a new-look blue-green color scheme implemented into the software user interface. You will have also noticed that our website has undergone a blue green update to reflect our corporate colors and identity.

The New Blue Green Look

Mikogo Start SessionMikogo is fast becoming the popular and chosen go-to product for web conferencing and online meetings for many businesses around the world. Towards the end of last year our software was ranked as the third highest in the web conferencing market, above the likes of WebEx. We then recently decided to implement our corporate BeamYourScreen colors into Mikogo. Now our business users have access to an online meeting product which is not only easy to use but also, in our opinion, communicates a more professional impression to your clients and colleagues.

Upgrading to the Blue Green Software

Mikogo Blue Green UpdateThe new Version 4.5 software is now available from our download pages. While the mikogo-starter.exe program (for Windows users) will allow you to install the latest version without first removing any previous installation of Version 4 on your PC it would be best for Mac and Linux users to first remove your current installation of Mikogo and then download/install Version 4.5.
Also note that this upgrade is not mandatory at this point in time and if you do upgrade to Version 4.5 however a participant in your next online meeting still uses Version 4.3, there will be no problems – Versions 4.3 and 4.5 are compatible together.

Final note: what do you think about the new-look software and website? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.