Mikogo New Year's ResolutionsAs we all hit the ground running in the first few weeks of 2012, you no doubt have a list of goals and milestones that you wish to achieve for your company and for yourself. This is the year when you will define clear goals, complete all projects, meet the deadlines, exceed expectations, work within set budgets, and more.
You’ll be at your best in 2012 which means increasing productivity and efficiency. We would love to think that the Mikogo software will help you in achieving your 2012 goals. Make the most from online meetings this year by saving yourself valuable time and money while increasing productivity. To help out we have a few Mikogo pointers for the new year.

Getting Set for 2012

Below you can see we’ve written a short list with a few tips on helping you use Mikogo – a kind of “Mikogo New Year’s Resolution List”.

  • Set up my Profile Manager: there are multiple reasons why people use Mikogo such as group meetings, online sales pitches, training sessions, IT support, to name a few. There are also a wide range of features available in Mikogo but not all are needed for each Mikogo use case. Employ the Profile Manager to create and save new “Profiles” with different features for different use cases. Use your “Presentation Profile” for your next sales presentation and your “Support Profile” for your next IT support case. More info in the User Guide, Page 15.
  • Schedule Meetings in Advance: schedule meetings and reserve session IDs with the Scheduler. You can then email the meeting details in advance to your participants. Also by scheduling meetings, you will get to keep the session IDs which you can then use again and again in the future. More info in the User Guide, Page 18.
  • Ask Participants to Join via the HTML Viewer: if in your next presentation you only intend to present your screen to your participants and don’t need to switch presenter or use remote control, there is no need to ask your participants to download the Mikogo software. The HTML Viewer allows participants to join a session directly from any browser (on a PC, Mac, Linux or mobile phone) without any software downloads, configurations, ActiveX, or Java. More info available here.

We hope with these tips you can get more out of your Mikogo meetings in 2012 and move faster towards reaching your goals for the new year!