Mikogo menu before a sessionFor those of you who have only used Mikogo Version 4, you may be very used to accessing all Mikogo features from the software panel that floats on your desktop. However those who remember previous versions of Mikogo (e.g. Version 3) will know that features could be accessed by clicking on the M icon icon in the taskbar’s system tray. If you are new to Mikogo or a long-time user, either way you will be interested to learn that the “old school” feature menu can still be accessed in Version 4 as shown in the image to the right. Read on below for more details.

Accessing the menu from the taskbar (for Windows and Linux users) or from the menu bar (for Mac users) is not a great secret nor is there a complicated trick to it. You just have to right-click on the M icon. Simple.

When you do this before you’ve started a session, you will see a shorter menu offering you all the pre-session options. The menu you will see is shown in the image above.

You can also open the feature menu during a session which will display a full list of all the main Mikogo features and options, as depicted below:

Mikogo Menu during a session

Note that when you click on one of the options/features, the Mikogo Panel will pop-up on your desktop (assuming it’s minimized) and the appropriate drawer will open. A “tick” will appear next to the feature name that you have opened, as shown for “Participant List” in the image above.

While the pictures above are for the Windows version of Mikogo, the feature menu can also be opened on Linux and Mac computers. You just have to right-click the M icon icon on a Linux computer, and for a Mac computer you can use a Ctrl-click or tap your touchpad with two fingers. The menu on a Linux computer is shown below:

Mikogo Linux menu