Last week we announced the launch of the new Mikogo Shop, where you can select and buy business licenses. While there are some feature differences between the business licenses, the core feature that all Mikogo business licenses share in common is the fact that they can be used for commercial purposes, as we outlined in our original introduction of the freemium model. The free version, on the other hand, is designed for private use.

We will soon implement our freemium model by displaying a “Free Version notification” within the software interface. This will start as of Monday 17th October and registered users who use Mikogo without a business license (i.e. a free private user) will see the notification within their Mikogo software interface. Consequently this week is a perfect opportunity to visit our new shop and pick up a license for your next Mikogo business meeting.

Read on below for more details about the implementation of the Mikogo freemium model.

The Free Version Notification

Mikogo Free VersionSo what is this notification that we speak of? To distinguish between using Mikogo for private use and commercial use, our freemium model centers around the software displaying a short message within the Mikogo panel. You can see this notification in the image to the right.

However this notification is not a fixed part of the software. It will disappear from the software for anyone who has a business license. A business user will enter their account details under “Account Information” and the software will recognize that they have a Mikogo license, and will automatically remove the notification.

Please note that those who use Mikogo without a registered account will see the Free Version notification. This is because the software distinguishes between business and private users based on their registered account details and whether they have or have not activated a business license in MyAccount.

What about Participants?

As we mentioned in our Thank You blog post, participants do not need a business license. They can join sessions for free. That means the Free Version notification will only appear in the software of free private users as well as their participants.
Those who have a business license will not see the notification, and nor will their participants.

Picking Up Your Mikogo Business License

Mikogo Account InformationYou can visit the Mikogo Shop at any time to buy your license. Then login to MyAccount, go to “License Key Activation”, and enter the license key you received with your business license. That’s it!

Next time when you use the Mikogo software, enter your user details under Account Information and the software will recognize you as a business user and will remove the Free Version notification for you.

For further details on activating your license and getting started with the Mikogo software as a business user, please read this short guide.