Mikogo ShopWe have just released the new Mikogo Shop which will serve as the website area where you can browse the different licenses and buy the one that suits your business needs. As mentioned in our previous blog post about the freemium model, we thought long and hard about how to offer licenses for commercial use that would support a variety of desktop sharing uses. As you can see on the Mikogo Shop, we have provided several options to cater for the different needs of the many Mikogo users. Please read this blog post below for further insight into the new Mikogo licenses.

Three Different Versions

The first thing that you will notice is that there are three versions of Mikogo, all of which are intended for businesses to use the software for commercial use:

  • Professional Version: this license is designed in mind of those who use Mikogo more frequently and need a greater range of features. If you use Mikogo for several different desktop sharing needs (e.g. online presentations, meetings, support, training, etc.) this license is for you as it includes 25 participants for larger group collaboration and comes with all the trimmings and features of Mikogo.
  • Support Version: Mikogo is used for both meetings and support. Hence we created a license tailored for 1-to-1 remote support sessions. We removed several of the features that IT technicians do not need for support cases to create a cleaner remote desktop solution.
  • Light Version: if you are primarily after a simple desktop sharing solution for presentations and meetings with a few added features, then this will suit you to a tee.

Four Different Licenses Types

Next you will notice that there are four license options: Lifetime License, Yearly Subscription, Monthly Subscription and the Day Pass. All licenses are per-user. The day pass has been introduced after multiple requests by Mikogo users when we first introduced the freemium model. However there is a substantial portion of Mikogo users who use the software more frequently so we are offering longer-term licenses for their needs.
For Lifetime licenses, we will ensure that the Mikogo system and servers will be available for a period of at least 10 years from the date of purchase and we will make all reasonable efforts after that period to ensure availability. Furthermore, the Lifetime license does not include major updates (e.g. from Version 4 to Version 5), but it includes minor updates and bug fixes (e.g. from version 4.0 to version 4.1). On the other hand, the leasing licenses include both minor and major updates.

How do these different licenses and versions work?

It’s very important to remember that there is still only one download for the Mikogo software. When you download the Mikogo software, you will automatically receive the free version of the software – which is available for non-commercial use. After you have selected your license version and type and purchased a license, you can proceed to MyAccount and activate it under “License Key Activation”. Enter your License key there and click “Activate”.
When you next open your Mikogo software, sign into “Account Information” using your registered email address and password. Your software will automatically adapt depending on which license version and type that you purchased. For example, if you bought a subscription of the support version the non-support features (e.g. pause transmission, recording, etc.) will disappear from the software.

We hope the above explanations regarding the different license versions, license types and how to activate your license are clear.

Please visit the new Mikogo Shop and browse the page to select the best license for your business.