Mikogo MyAccountWe have just released the new MyAccount for Mikogo! This is available on all the Mikogo websites which means it’s available in 8 languages. For example if you wish to access MyAccount in Spanish, please go to www.mikogo.es and click on “Mi Cuenta” in the menu bar at the top of the Mikogo homepage.
There are several options and areas available in MyAccount which we’ll go into detail for you below in this blog post.

When you arrive on the MyAccount page, you will need to enter your username (which is your registered email address e.g. john.smith@gmail.com) and your password.
Note: If you have forgotten your password you can first reset it here.

After logging in, you will find 4 areas listed in a vertical menu on the left:

  • Session Statistics
  • Change Password
  • Contact Information
  • Features Settings

MyAccount Tweet

Session Statistics

The first thing you’ll see when you login to MyAccount is the Session Statistics page. As you can see in the screenshot below this provides you with a record of all your sessions.

Mikogo Session Statistics

(Click above to view full-size image)

Most of the columns are quite self-explanatory, however you might wonder what the “P” is in the last column. This stands for “Participants”. By clicking on one of the numbers in that column, you will receive a pop up with the details of the participants who joined that specific session, as you can see here:

Mikogo Session Statistics

(Click above to view full-size image)

Change Password

The next section is for changing your password. Here you can select a custom password (which is a change since Mikogo Version 3). You are also able to select a custom password by using the new Reset Password function.

Contact Information

Here you can enter your own details. This will assist us and you if there are times that we need to reach out to you, such as when you’re trying to contact us for support.

Feature Settings

This is not quite ready as you will notice when you click on it in your MyAccount. Later when this is available, it will offer customization options for the Mikogo software, for example, adding a company logo into the Mikogo interface.

So that is a quick run-down of the new MyAccount. As this is the first day of release, we would love to hear your initial impressions, so here are a few feedback questions:

  • Overall what do you think of MyAccount?
  • What is your first impression of the Session Statistics overview, which is the main page and feature of MyAccount?
  • Are there additional features, such as sorting and search, that you would like to see implemented?
  • What about the change of password area? Do you think it’s necessary to apply a minimum requirement for the password character length? Or to force users to include a mix of letters and numbers?
  • Finally, what else would you expect to see in MyAccount?

Please post your ideas and requests by leaving a comment below – thanks!