Mikogo supportToday we implemented a change in Version 4 to facilitate remote support sessions, in particular for cases when you want to start a session and directly view and control the remote computer, instead of first presenting your own screen.

This feature has always been available in Version 4, however previously you needed to configure this in the Profile Manager. Now when you open your Mikogo software you can select to view and control the remote computer without using the Profile Manager.

As a non-registered user, when you start your Mikogo software, you will see the “Standard Profile” within a drop-down menu above the Start Session button:

Mikogo Standard Profile

If you simply click Start Session now, you will start a standard session with is configured to present your screen. So when a participant joins your session, they will see your screen.
However by clicking on this drop-down menu you will be able to select “Support”:

Mikogo Support Profile

Select “Support” and then click on the Start Session button. The session will not instantly start. Instead a Viewing Direction drawer will open:

Mikogo Viewing Direction settings

Select “View & Control” and click OK. Your session will start and you’ll receive the Participant List and the Session ID. When your participant joins the session you will instantly be able to see their screen and remotely control their keyboard and mouse.

So this change allows you to access the Initial Viewing Direction settings directly as you start a session, similar to what was available in Version 3 – ideal for remote support sessions.

And this change is available on all platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux.

Important Feedback Questions

What do you think of this change? Does this make your support sessions easier? Or does it make starting a session more complicated because you now have a choice (choosing between the Standard and the Support profiles) before you start a session?
It would be great to hear your feedback and thoughts on this – so please leave your comments below!

As a registered user, you can of course still use the Profile Manager to configure even more profiles with greater customization than only the Viewing Direction settings. For example, within the Profile Manager you can customize the speed/picture quality, application selection settings, which features you want or don’t want in the session, and more. For further details, please take a look at this blog post.

And please let us know what you think about today’s change – Thanks!