Mikogo Update to Version 4For those of you who have still been using Version 3 since we released Version 4 last week, you may have noticed that there hasn’t yet been a forced upgrade. This was because we wanted to notify everyone first in order to give notice and allow for you to prepare for Version 4.
Today we initiated the update process within Mikogo Version 3. As a session organizer, the next time you run the Mikogo Version 3 software, you will receive an update notification. Read on for more details.

Upgrading to Version 4 for Windows

Within the Windows software there is an auto-updater. The next time you start your Version 3 software (as an organizer not as a participant), you will see the following notification:

Mikogo Version 4 Upgrade

Click yes to accept the upgrade. Mikogo will then upgrade your software to Version 4 and the following download bar will appear.

Mikogo downloads the upgrade

Upon completion, you will then have the Version 4 software on your computer and the Mikogo Version 4 panel will appear on your desktop:

Mikogo Windows Panel Version 4

From now on when you run your Mikogo software, Version 4 will start with the above panel, and no longer Version 3.

Upgrading to Version 4 for Mac

When Mac users next run the software they will also be presented with an upgrade notification, similar to that seen by the Windows users. Upon accepting the upgrade, Mac users will be directed to the Mac download page on our website and are advised to replace the Mikogo application manually. Mac users should remove Version 3 from their computers and download Version 4 by following the steps on our download page.

Participants Joining your New Version 4 Sessions

After you have upgraded to Version 4 and you are ready to start sessions with the new software, it is very important that you direct your participants to go.mikogo.com and not the old version 3 join session page. The new page, go.mikogo.com, is linked to from the “Join Session” buttons on our homepage and website.

Again this is NOT a forced update. You can refuse the upgrade or accept it. However this step is necessary as we move more and more towards solely supporting Version 4, and we suggest you accept the upgrader sooner rather than later.