Mikogo Linux Mac Desktop SharingAfter a successful beta stage (to those who volunteered as beta testers – thanks!), we have officially launched Version 4. For those of you who have not tried Version 4 yet, when you update to the new software you will see a new-look user interface, a range of additional features, and it is available on three computer platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux – this means you can start a session from either one of these platforms and have participants join from the same or one of the other platforms.

Handy Links for Using Mikogo Version 4

Keen to get started with Version 4? Here are a bunch of links that will help you:

Version 4 Tweet

Mikogo Version 4 is now the standard download and software build that we will support on our website. Consequently we encourage you to update to the new version.

If you have any support questions about getting started with Version 4, please contact our Support Team.

Thanks and hope you enjoy your new Mikogo Version 4 sessions!

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